Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses

You are new to online slots, and you are wondering what Welcome Bonus is?

Wonder no more!

In order to attract more and more customers, and make their lives easier, every casino offers a welcome bonus to the new players that enter their sites and deposit for the 1st time. The welcome bonuses, or sometimes known as sign-in bonuses, is a way of the casino to say hello to you when you decide to spend some money and invest in the games found on their pages.

What is a Welcome Bonus

Nowadays, it’s a widely spread thing across the online gambling community, and basically, every casino gives away a welcome bonus as a facilitator to your goals, that is, if they want players to play on their pages.

The welcome bonus is supposed to drag you to the casino site, with the casinos battling to give the more appealing welcome bonus.

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Types of Welcome Bonuses

There are several types of welcome bonuses that you can find in almost all of the casinos online. It is our job to tell you that all the welcome bonuses in the casinos tend to change a lot, and there are bonuses that last less time than Armstrong on the Moon. Some apply only on a certain day of the week (Happy Monday or Black Friday) and there are bonuses that are available only on a certain period of the year, like special celebrations (Christmas or New Years’ bonus) special days (Friday the 13th bonus).

These are the types of bonuses that you can meet in online casinos.

  • Some online casinos offer a 100% bonus up to a certain amount of deposit:

100% Bonus Up To £200

  • Other sites give you additional funds to play their games:

Deposit £10 and play with £50

  • Free Spins are often welcome bonus in a lot of casinos:

Deposit £10 & Get 25 Free Spins

  • A hybrid or a combination of several welcome bonuses:

Deposit £10 & Play with £50 + 10 Free Spins

Note that you can use all of the welcome bonuses on all of the games that are available on the casino site.

How to Claim the Welcome Bonuses

There are several ways to claim the welcome bonuses from a casino. You need to read the requirements of the casino before claiming the welcome bonuses. There are minimum wagering requirements where you need to deposit a certain amount (usually £10) before you can claim the welcome bonus. Rarely, you can find some casinos that give away welcome bonuses without you having to deposit anything. Let’s see how you can claim the welcome bonuses.

One way is to enter the bonus codes that always appear next to the casino in the field that is specified for it. Once you’ve done that, you will receive the welcome bonus.

Other casinos may ask you to send the welcome bonus to the supporting team which will then give you the welcome bonus.

A third party of casinos will immediately transfer the welcome bonus to your account as soon as you make the very 1st deposit. Again, read the requirements of the casino and the minimum wagering requirements, as every casino has their own rules about everything, including the welcome bonuses.