Bet Max Feature

Bet Max Feature

There are many features in the online slots games, and there can be a huge confusion of the same among new players regarding these features. Today, we are going to talk about Bet Max and everything that you need to know about this feature.

Coin Denomination

The coin Denomination that you select before beginning every slot game will reflect the value of each coin in your session of playing. You can select from as low as 0.01 coin value up to 1.00 (and more in the modern slot machines). If you select a penny, or 0.01 coin size, every next coin in your session that you enter in the machine will be worth 0.01.

This is very often confused between the players and they are playing with without a care, as the coin value size seems like a small amount, until they start to play and after few minutes realize that their money is gone. Always keep an eye on the wagered money, and remember that even the smallest coin size can be bad for you if you are out of luck.

What is Bet Max

Bet Max is a feature that is present in almost every online slot game, with few exceptions. It is the feature that commands with your denomination, coin value as well as the level of the slot game. The Bet Max feature will be also available if your paylines go all the way to the maximum if they are adjustable.

It is located below the reels of every slot game, usually right next to the Spin button and the Auto Play and Gamble Feature, if they are present in the particular slot game.

Bet Max means the Maximum Amount that you can bet on a certain slot game. It is the upper limit that you can go with your denomination per one spin, and in the slots world, this limit is called Maximum Bet, or Max Bet.

Why Bet Max?

Bet Max is associated with many positive features in the slot game. It is the reason why many slot players were left without a penny in their pockets and the reason why the other half have won life-changing prizes.

Bet Max a button initially created to give you a high adrenaline rush, high betting excitement and a lot of turn-around during a slot game play. Nowadays, it’s linked to something much more important than an adrenaline rush.

The Bet Max feature is the only way for you to reach the Progressive Jackpots of almost all of the online slot games that have a progressive jackpot in their arsenal of features.

See Top Cat and Guns and Roses Slot to see what we are talkign about.

Always Bet Max

The Bet Max feature should be considered as the 1st thing to play when you enter a slot game and you are about to set the denomination that you will play with. There are few exceptions where you should neglect playing the bet max:

  • Your budget is very low
  • The game doesn’t offer a progressive jackpot or any high paying feature
  • There are no multipliers in the slot game
  • The denomination range is huge.

A calculation, regarding the Bet Max and the budget slot gambling, has been made, and with the average RTP percentage of a slot game of 95.00% taken, the following conclusion was made:

“You should always consider Bet Max when you have at least TEN available spins with the Bet Max option”

Be Aware

It is safe to say that the Bet Max, together with the Gamble Feature, is one of the most dangerous features that the slot games possess, and the reason behind this is that they can lose all of your wagered money (in gamble feature you play with the money you’ve just won).

It is essential, and our biggest tip, to play this feature under a high surveillance, as it can lose all of your money in the blink of an eye. Always go with a selected plan for your money (like the one where you have at least 10 spins of the Bet Max) or a limit to your money (spend XXX amount of cash before stopping the feature), or completely neglect the feature.

The Gate Slots team reminds you of the Responsible Gambling.