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Mermaids Millions Slot

The All-Time favourite online slot game for many players is Mermaid Millions Slot!

The slot that allows you to get deep into the depths of the water without getting wet!

Microgaming really made a flying start with Mermaids Millions Slot and as the name suggests and as we already mentioned, the whole action of the game happens underwater where everything revolves around the main theme of the game.

Get your swimming suit ready and follow the magnificent creatures, the mermaids, who always have a plan and can lead you to some juicy real money through this awesome game.

With five reels and 15 paylines, Mermaids Millions Slot offers a fantastic gameplay, design, and symbols that all revolve around the theme, and if you are interested, we’ve got a detailed review ready for you, from the RTP to the symbols, how to win the grand prizes, the bonus features and much more!

To start playing, you need to select some of the casinos on our right-hand side, and they will take you to some of our casino partnerships. Before you click, you can notice the welcome bonuses that are currently active on the casinos, so notice which of the casinos offer the welcome bonus that suits you the most and go for that casino. You can always read about the casino and see whether what the casino offers can satisfy your needs.

The denomination of the casino is on a satisfying level for all the players – for the ones that are here for the cash and the big wins, and for the others that are here for the fun and entertainment. It ranges from £0.05 and it goes all the way to £375.00, where the maximum amount that you can win is an astonishing multiplier of x7,500!

Stick around for a detailed and complete review of Mermaids Millions Slot, and where you can play this awesome game while having the best welcome bonuses and experience.

Mermaids Millions Slots Review

With the desire to earn fast cash in the blink of an eye, the people are ready to do almost anything that will fill their pockets with lucrative cash.

Don’t hesitate, and don’t worry anymore, as we have the solution to your problems, and the solution has a name – Mermaids Millions Slot!

  • Design

The design of Mermaid Millions Slot is on a really high level, which can’t be said the same from many games developed in early 2013. This is really surprising, but it doesn’t matter as we get to enjoy one more fabulous slot game that has something more to offer than its competitor games.

At the start, you will see the Mermaids Millions Logo positioned on the bottom of the page and sticking out with its neon light blue colour. Inside the logo, you can click to see the payout and you can read a few rules about the game in the bottom corners, but don’t worry, we will cover them all here.

The sides are for the paylines of the game, and you can find all if the 15 paylines divided on left and right. Mouse over them to see how they appear on the reels and how you can make a winning combination. These paylines will be visually easy to remember and will show you how you need to land the symbols on the reels and make the difference in your stake and your pockets.

In the middle, a big portion of the screen is for the reels and the symbols of Mermaids Millions Slot which we will talk about now in a bit.

  • Symbols

Each slot game has its own set of symbols, and although those symbols are unique and revolve around the theme of the game, their role in the slot game is quite similar within all the slots.

All the slots have lower valued symbols that are present in the slot to keep you in the game and award you in those spinning streaks where you simply can’t land a slot-winning combination. These are the symbols that keep you in the game and bring you small, yet enough prizes so that you can proceed and aim for the big wins.

In Mermaids Millions Slot, the lower-valued symbols are represented by the standard, a deck of cards inspired symbols, starting from the number 10 and going all the way up to the Ace while going through the Jack, the Queen, and the King. As expected, the number 10 will only give you x2 your bet for three symbols, and an interesting 75x for five of it, while the Ace is a bit more rewarding with x10 for three and x125 for five.

On the other hand, the higher valued symbols are represented by few objects found only in the depths of the ocean. Here, we can see the Sea Horse, the Pearl inside a clam and a container full of jewels. The Sea Horse pays out x250 for five symbols while the jewels give amazing x500 for five on an active payline.

To make things more interesting, every slot game including Mermaids Millions Slot has extra features that are special and different from the other symbols. The Wild Symbol, represented by Poseidon, the God of the Sea and the War in the Greek Mythology, is used as a substitute for the normal symbols that we’ve just mentioned, and it participates in the winning combinations of the same. The wild symbol can also form winning combinations on its own and it actually awards the best prize that the game can offer with x7,500 multiplier of your wager.

The scatter symbol is the Mermaid and it triggers the first bonus feature, while the Treasure Chest bonus symbol is the activator of the second bonus feature of Mermaids Millions Slot.

How To Play Mermaids Millions Slot

It is no wonder that Mermaids Millions Slot is played by many people, as it has some awesome things that it offers, starting from two bonus features, a base game spins that are almost always awarding, a satisfying RTP percentage number and few tricks up our sleeves that we will present to you later.

Let’s see how you can start this wonderful underwater adventure and Play Mermaids Millions Slot for real money:

  • About the slot

Mermaids Millions Slot is an underwater themed slot game that is developed by Microgaming and has only one goal – to make its players rich!

With five reels and 15 paylines, some lovely related normal symbols and extra ones that trigger the two bonus features and greatly increases your chances to win awesome rewards.

The level of the game can be modified and set from one all the way up to nine, and with each level you reach, the game gets harder, the symbols react slower, there are less frequent wins, but once they are there, you will be awarded for your waiting, as the prizes are higher.

In order to start spinning the reels of the game, you need to choose where you will play the game.

  • Choose a casino

The most important thing for you to start your slot adventures is to choose a casino where you want to spend your time and energy on.

The casinos are located on the right-hand side, and you have to choose one of them and play on their pages. We’ve completed a detailed review for each and every casino so that your choice will be correct and according to your desires and expectations.

Before choosing the casino, notice that there is a welcome bonus right next to the casino. That’s the welcome bonus that you will get if you visit the casino and make your very first deposit. Choose the welcome bonus that suits you the most and proceed within the casino.

  • Set the coin size

The coin size in Mermaids Millions Slot is on an astonishing level, as you can set it from 1 all the way up to 75 for a single payline. You can play with the number of paylines and the coin size – for example, you can play with lower coin size and all the paylines active for a safer yet challenging game, both of the coin size and paylines low for absolute safe gameplay, while both features all the way to the top for some pretty lucrative wins, but also a high risk.

  • Denomination

The denomination of the game will satisfy all of the players of Mermaids Millions Slot, despite the fact if you are after the lower denomination and safer approach to the game, or you want to be in for the real cash, the absolute life-changing awards, and the adrenaline rush decisions.

The wager ranges from £0.05 and it goes all the way up to £375.00, which means you are up for a fantastic slot game and some magical rewards.

  • Jackpot / Max Win

The maximum win or the Jackpot in Mermaids Millions Slot is a pretty damn high multiplier or x7,500 which will most definitely change one’s life path, especially if they are playing with the highest possible denomination, with all the coin value activated, the wager all the way to the end, and the nails inside your mouth as your heart will leave your chest from excitement.

As we already mentioned, but it’s damn worth repeating, to get your hands on this life-changing amount, you will need to land five of the Poseidon Wild symbol on an active payline.

  • Big Win Example

There are always people that are pretty skeptic about the online slot games’ big wins, therefore, this paragraph is dedicated to them!

Without a doubt, Mermaids Millions Slot has already awarded thousands of people with some big, notable wins, and you can join them with ease! Here is an example of a big winner that managed to record its big win and uploaded it on YouTube.

Mermaids Millions Slots Bonus Features

Mermaids Millions Slot is well-known for its bonus features, and all the players that played this online slot machine knows that the real money is in the Bonus Features. This Microgaming slot offers two bonus features, and this is how you can trigger them and squeeze the real money out.

  • Mermaids Millions Free Spins

There is not a single player in the online gambling community that doesn’t enjoy a set of Free Spins. They are an indicator that you can basically win some major prizes without spending a coin in the feature.

The Free Spins Feature in Mermaids Millions Slot gets triggered with landing here, four or five of the Mermaid Scatter Symbols anywhere on the screen. Regardless of the fact whether you manage to land three, four or five of the scatter symbol, you will receive 10 Free Spins. The best thing about this Free Spins bonus round is that every win you manage to land on the reels will be multiplied by x3.

Another positive thing, and bonus reason why people still enjoy Mermaids Millions slot, even though it’s an older game, is the fact that you can retrigger the bonus feature with landing three or more of the Mermaid Scatter Symbol.

Note that the Free Spins on your account can’t exceed ten in number, as even if you have One free spin left, or Nine free spins left, and you manage to retrigger the feature, you will start from 10 again, so the number is not added to the actual number of free spins, but you start with 10 free spins.

  • Mermaids Millions Treasure Bonus

The Treasure Bonus is the second bonus feature of the Mermaids Millions Slot, and it’s all about the bonuses that can be found in the chest, especially the long-lost underwater chests that belong to the pirates that once roamed those seas.

With the help of the Mermaids, your goal is to land three, four or five of the Treasure Chest Bonus Symbol anywhere on an active payline.

Once this happens, you will be taken to a new screen where different underwater objects will appear on the screen, and your job is to choose several from them, which will reveal a different prize in the form of multiplayer, free spins or going straight to the real cash.

Same with the Free Spins feature, the Treasure Bonus feature can be re-triggered, and you can also trigger this feature within the base game and the Free Spins round. This explains why Mermaids Millions Slot is one of the most played slots out there, and why people return to the reels of this slot even after several years, and after thousands of online slots developed with better graphics and gameplay – It’s all about the real money at the end of the day.

Mermaids Millions Slot Mobile

With the modernization and the speed of the technology, almost everybody has a decent mobile device, a smartphone in their pockets, and we are all using those smartphones to access everything that is on the internet, including playing online slots directly on the mobile phone.

Luckily for us, Mermaids Millions Slot is responsive for a mobile device, regardless of what operating system you have from Android, iOS or Windows.

This Online Slot Machine can be played on Mobile, Tablet, and Laptop, meaning you can enjoy the fantastic underground reels from the comfort of your couch, play it on the streets or basically wherever you desire.

If you are one of the modern players that play from their mobile devices, you can either download the game or play it directly online – all you need is a flash installed and you are ready to go.

Note that whether you would need to download it or play online through a flash depends on the options that the casino offers.

Mermaids Millions Slot Tips

We have several tips for you when it comes to playing Mermaids Millions Slot, and if you pay a close attention to the same, your gameplay will be a lot simpler, and you can enjoy some whopping real cash in your pockets.

  • Paylines Tips

The paylines are really important in Mermaids Millions Slot – as a matter of fact, they are important for every slot, but let’s focus on this awesome underwater game for now.

When you activate all of the paylines of Mermaids Millions, your chances of landing a lucrative win, or as a matter of fact, any win, drastically increase. With more paylines, you have more possibilities to catch different winning combinations all over the screen.

If for some reason you want to play safer and with lower risk just to test your luck, you better play with the coin value and lower that option, but always activate and leave all of the paylines on.

  • Denomination Tips

When it comes to the denomination, it really depends on the money you have in your pocket and how much you want to invest and play with. Obviously setting the denomination to the highest level is the best option, but always make the calculation whether that option will leave you with just 2 spins and you will walk away from the slot in no time with no extra money.

In Mermaids Millions Slot, the rewards in the bonus features and the base game itself contain Multipliers. The final and most lucrative award of them all that brings x7,500 to the players is also a multiplier prize. This always suggests that the more you play with, the more lucrative your rewards will be, and the real money always follows the brave ones, and the ones who are playing until the end.

  • Bet Max Tips

Closely connected to the denomination, the Bet Max feature will set some of the features of Mermaids Millions Slot all the way to the maximum. This includes the denomination, the coin value as well as the level of the game. To make things more interesting, all the paylines are also activated on the reels. This means that under the Bet Max feature you will play with all the 15 paylines that this online slot machine has.

The Bet Max feature is one of the best features that almost all of the online slots have, and it’s the feature that is the worst one if you have no idea how to play it. As you’ve noticed, this feature plays with a lot of money, therefore you have the chance to lose all of your money pretty fast.

Our tip to you is to come up with a plan or a limit to your cash before hitting the Bet Max feature, as it will make things easier and you will have a control over your gameplay. Decide how much cash you want to invest in the game and divide it to the number of spins that it goes down to and start your planning there. If you are unsure how this should be done, we suggest you neglect the Bet Max feature completely.

  • Auto Play

The Auto Play feature also brings some amazing gameplay times, but also some challenges alongside it. The Auto Play is considered a complete opposite from the Bet Max feature, as it offers a more relaxed approach to Mermaids Millions Slot. You can sit back and relax, give your index finger a rest, or even go away from the screen and do something else. This is where the biggest problem comes.

Most of the times the Auto Play feature managed to cause troubles is when the player completely takes away their attention from the slot. You will set the denomination and the number of spins to the maximum and go make yourself a coffee. When you come back, you can see that the auto spins have passed, and you haven’t won anything (it rarely happens, but you can have a pretty unlucky day).

What we are trying to say is that you should always keep your eyes on the slot game and the spinning of the reels, and if you notice that it’s not your lucky day, end the feature and continue manually, or give it a rest for some time.

Mermaids Millions Slot RTP

For the players that have already played online slot games are most definitely familiar with the term RTP, but for the ones that are on the pages of an online slot for the first time and want to know in detail what an RTP is, you can check out Detailed RTP Guide.

However, we will try to make it simple and short here.

RTP is an Abbreviation for Return to Player, and it indicates the amount of real money that the online slot machine returns to the player within a certain period of time.

That period of time is decided by the slot providing company, in this case, Microgaming, and it can be within a period of time (10 Months or One Year) or it can be a selected number of spins (10,000 or even 100,000). After that time (or a number of spins) have passed, the money that is in the stake of the online slot, and the money given away to the players should be equal to the RTP Percentage.

Mermaids Millions Slot has an RTP of 95.56%

The game suppliers, in this case, Microgaming, are under strict surveillance regarding the RTP, and they have to match it in the period they’ve stated, therefore there is no way that this number can be cheated.

Mermaids Millions Demo

The demo version of Mermaids Millions plays an important part in your initial real money outcome at the end of the day. The Mermaids Millions Demo is here for a reason, and we are here to explain that reason to you.

Each online slot machine has its own unique sets of reels, paylines, symbols, the frequency of the winning combinations and an RTP. They all have different bonus features and react differently to the level of the game and the inside the bonus features themselves. There is no better way to test the game than to actually spin the reels of the same, but is there something you can do not to lose your cash while practicing the game and learning the paylines of a new one?

Yes, there is!

It’s called Mermaids Millions Demo, and it’s here to give you that practice.

The demo version of the game is basically the same game. It uses the same symbols, triggers the bonus features in the same time, and the frequency of the winning combinations is the same as the original game. There is only one thing different – you play with credits given by the site rather than your own cash. So instead of investing your cash in the first 20-30 spins so that you can learn everything about the game, you can just play the demo version of the same which will teach you the same as the original slot.

Keep in mind that the wins that you acquire in the demo version are also fake wins, and you can’t withdraw them. To earn real money, you need to play the slot with real money as well.

The credits that are given from the site are usually infinite, so you can stick to the demo version as long as you want, but what’s the point in playing a slot game when you can’t earn money?

Once you feel ready, proceed with playing the slot game through the “Play Now” button that we placed just below.

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The RTP of Immortal Romance also plays a major role, giving back even 96.86% of the income real cash in the online slot machine.

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The Free Spins Bonus Feature most definitely adds a nice potential to the game, while the Wild Symbol expands to create winning combinations that you can’t miss.

Play Mermaids Millions Slot

Playing Mermaids Millions Slot will most definitely give you a lot of satisfaction, entertainment, and most of all Real Money that can be in your pocket within a few days!

Spin those Five reels and 15 paylines, Set the denomination from £0.05 up to £375.00 and try to hit the maximum amount of x7,500!

Choose one of the casinos that are on the side with the welcome bonuses you desire, and be one of the happy people that have already won some of the big real money in Mermaids Millions Slot.

PLAY Mermaids Millions NOW