Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus

The Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus slot created by Playtech is an ode to the Greek Mythology hero Hercules. It’s one of many online slots with a focus on Greek Mythology, but it’s one of Playtech’s most famous entries to the online slot genre. Featuring 5 reels and 25 lines, this game also features the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot.


The slot’s graphics are fully inspired by the story of Hercules in Greek Mythology, and the design is made so that this idea is reinforced through the visual style. In Age of The Gods Prince of Olympus, you will instantly find the recognizable gold plate and headdress from the slain lion of Nemea as trademark symbols of Hercules’s story.


If you needed a reminder of what exactly the game’s story is about, you will instantly be reminded as soon as you launch it. Apart from the ordinary low-rewarding symbols, all higher-paying symbols are Greek mythology-related. Additionally, they are illustrated with great attention to the visual fidelity.

For your highest paying symbols in Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus, you have Cerberus. It yields the most potential reward coming from the symbols in the game. It is preceded by the Golden Apples as well as Hercules’s belt and club.

RTP and Volatility

Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus features an RTP rate of 93.83%, just a tiny bit shy north of the average RTP of 96% for online slots. It is considered below average and a rather low-paying slot at first sight. However, the volatility is high, so the reward will be fewer in-between, but in bigger amounts.


Just because it has an RTP below average doesn’t mean the game isn’t rewarding. Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus features a jackpot and free spins feature. They can increase your winnings tenfold if you are lucky enough. These are all trademarks of a great slot game.

Mobile Compatibility

Age of the Gods Hero of Olympus is fully mobile compatible and can be played on any mobile device.