Free Spins

Our Free Spins Article is part of the Beginner’s Guide to Slots and will help you with your questions about the Free Spins bonus feature that the Online Slot Machines have.

The free spins feature is one of the favourite ones for all the online slot players, therefore, almost all of the slot games nowadays include a free spins feature in their game.

None of the slot games is the same to another one – they are all unique and offer a unique experience and payout prize, unique ending and inimitable way of playing. The same goes for the free spins feature – none of them is like the other free spins bonus feature, and they offer the different free spins feature.

Free Spins

The Free Spins are part of the Bonus Features of every modern slot game, which gives you a number of Free Spins that cost no wager to spin, but you are still receiving the same reward as you would have if there was cash invested. The denomination stays the same as when you’ve managed to trigger the free spins feature.

  • Triggering

To trigger a Free Spins bonus feature, you are required to land three or more of the Scatter Symbol or other symbols determined by the game creators. Every now and then, you will meet a slot game that triggers the free spins feature differently from most of the other slot games, and that can be found in our detailed slot game review under the Bonus Features sector.

Each online slot game states the way to trigger their own free spins feature, where you would either need to land a certain number of some symbol, or the game triggers the free spins feature by itself, from the base game.

  • Example

The Free Spins number is determined by the game creators and the number of the symbols that trigger the feature that you will manage to land. For example, you may see something like:

Landing three or more of the Scatter symbol awards you free spins, and depending on the number of the scatter symbols, you will receive:

  • Three Scatter Symbols – 10 Free Spins
  • Four Scatter Symbols – 15 Free Spins
  • Five Scatter Symbols – 20 Free Spins”

This shows the number of free spins that you can get (right) by landing the given amount of scatter symbols (left).

  • Multipliers

Many of the online slot developers also want to enhance the experience of the player and award even greater rewards. In some Free Spins bonus features, you can see Multipliers at the end of the round. For example, you can see a 10 Free Spins with an x4 Multiplier, which automatically makes the game a lot more interesting, and your real money an absolute stunner.

Multipliers work in a way that they multiply the initial amount that you will win during the bonus feature. So far, we have seen Multipliers of up to x12 in a Free Spins bonus feature.

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Collapsing Reels

Collapsing reels is possibly another way of saying you have a Free Spins, without actually winning any free spins. These are as powerful as the free spins because you are actually getting another free spin during the base game.

The Collapsing Reel Slots work in a way that when they land a winning combination, the symbols that participate in the winning combination disappear, and a new set of symbols enters the reel arena. They can either appear on the same spot or fall from above, moving each reel above the symbol gap one position down. When new symbols come, they have a completely new order and are totally random, which means you can end up from the smallest to the largest win that the games possess.

Casino Free Spins

Let’s not forget the Casino bonuses, either welcome bonuses or loyalty bonuses that they have. They are also giving away free spins to invite players to their reels and make them play on their casino, offering something they like.

You can acquire Casino Free Spins once you choose one of the Slot Reviews of the game you like and going to the casino on the right-hand side. See the welcome bonuses that the casino has and go for the ones that have free spins on them.

To get the bonus, you need to make a deposit in the casino with the minimum wage, which is usually £10 (see the casino minimum wagering requirement in our casino reviews). Once that happens you can choose which game you would like to use the free spins on, and rock on!

Take a good look at the Online Casino Reviews and choose the casino that suits you the best. They all have unique user experiences, different daily bonuses, and events that will make your life easier.