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Book of Dead Slot Review

The ancient Egyptian game known as the Book of Dead that had a fatal end for many of its players draws the attention of the modern civilization like no other. With a big popularity now, after many thousand years, Play N Go decided to pay a tribute to it with an online video slot version of it.

Book of Dead Slot puts you in a time machine, teleports you back into Ancient Egypt civilization and opens the cover of this old book for you to experience it as good as the people from this Northern African country did. Take a look at it on our site and claim the bonuses that we offer, all with a gigantic chance of winning amazing prizes.

Book of Dead is an astonishing online slot machine that offers five reels and 10 paylines at your disposal. To kick-start the game, you have to select one of the casinos that are positioned on the right-hand side of this review, where you can see the pros and cons, as well as the players’ reviews of the casino.

Once that’s done, it’s setting the denomination time, which ranges from £0.01 all the way up to £100.00 where the Max Win in the game is stunning x5,000!

Dwell on the RTP that reaches 94.17% and is here to fill you with life-changing prizes.

Book of Dead Slot

The slot game that meant the end to many players is the main inspiration for Play N’ Go, so let’s see how creative they are and what they’ve made out of it.

  • Design

The slot game offers a pretty decent gameplay and design, and since it comes on this world in 2016, it should do so!

As soon as you open the slot game and click play, you will be welcomed by an intriguing music that reminds of the times when this book game was played. See inside a pyramid, with a background of some of the fines architectures of that time and place, you will get the cold feeling of mystery of the unknown. A fear and chicken skin are the initial feelings that will very likely change by the awesome hot prizes soon after you start playing.

The top of the game is for the game’s logo, as well as some of the cute hieroglyphs that are on the walls of the pyramid.

The bottom of the slot is for the adjustable options and features that this game offers such as Coins, Lines, Bet Max, and Auto Play right next to the Magical Spin button, as well as some other adjustable features.

The reels and overall colour of the game is golden, just like the favourite colour of the Egyptians, and all of the symbols have the golden touch somewhere in them. Take a look at the gameplay and learn how to spin the reels of the game.

  • Symbols

As almost every modern online slot game, the symbols are divided into two categories – high and low valued.

The lower valued are inspired by the deck of cards symbols which include the 10, the Jack, the Queen, the King and the Ace. They have the Egyptian feeling on them, and as we mentioned previously, a touch of gold here and there.

On the other hand, the higher valued symbols are represented by the Rich Wilde as the highest valued symbol of the game and three other Egyptian gods. Unlike most games where you need a combination of three or more, here, the higher valued symbols pay a price for two adjacent symbols on an active payline. The Rich Wilde will give you 10x your bet for two and amazing 5000x for five of it.

Apart from the normal symbols, Book of Dead also has a Wild Symbol and a Scatter symbol. Strangely, one symbol represents both of them and it is, as expected, the Book of Dead itself. Depending on the position and number of symbols on the screen, it acts differently. When it lands in a winning combination it acts as a scatter symbol, substituting all the other symbols of the game, while three or more of them activate the bonus feature of the game.

How to Play Book of Dead

The game is relatively popular as it offers a pretty exciting version of the Book Game that used to be a big thing in Ancient Egypt.

  • About the Slot

The Book of Dead is five reels 10 Paylines online video slot game developed by Play N Go. You can set all the paylines or choose to play with any number of the same. It’s up to you and your budget to make the decision. Although this is adjustable, for the maximum pleasure of the game and the best chance of winning the finest prizes we strongly suggest you play with all 10 paylines.

  • Choose a Casino

A pretty important thing is to Choose the Casino where you will play the slot game at. The casinos are located on the right-hand side of this review, and you can clearly see them and what they offer. Check out the welcome bonus and the pros and cons that we have prepared for you, as well as the welcome bonus that the casino gives away to all the new players entering their site.

You can also read the full review that we have set for the game, or you can simply click Play Now and hit the reels, with hopes of landing some juicy prizes.

Make sure you always take some time to choose the casino, as it plays a massive role in your gaming – it can enhance your game, deliver 100% of what the game can offer, or the other way around if you are unlucky to play at a low casino.

We always put the top casinos at the top, so consider playing Book of Dead on some of them!

  • Denomination

After you’ve successfully selected a casino where you want to play Book of Dead Slot, it’s time to set the Denomination of the game. The denomination will determine the money you are putting in every single spin of the game.

The range which you can play Book of Dead with is £0.01 all the way up to £100.00, which means that both parties of players are satisfied – the ones that are here for the fun and entertainment can spin the reels with lower denomination, while the hard-core players that are here for the cash and the prizes can set it all the way to the end.

  • Coin Size

When it comes to the Coin Size, Book of Dead slot can be played with a coin range from 0.01 to 1, and you can choose the number of coins that you wish to play the game with, from 1 to 5.

By setting the coin size, you are one step away from spinning the reels of the slot!

  • Bet Max

For the players that are here for the prizes and the life-changing rewards, we have the perfect option for you hidden under the Bet Max button.

By hitting the Bet Max feature, it will it will set the max coin value, max paylines and max number of coins to play with. This will definitely enhance your gameplay and give you the maximum amount of pleasure that this fantastic ancient game can offer.

Although this feature is quite a bit bite, it spins the reels with some serious cash, so always keep your eyes open and have a plan before testing the depth of the river with both of your feet.

  • Auto Play

Another useful feature for the players that are here for the fun and entertainment and would like to see what the slot offers with or without having such a risk as the Bet Max feature is the Auto Play feature. This feature will give a rest to your index finger and spin the reel automatically.

Although the game reels spin fast, some of the players enjoy this option, simply to relax, see what’s on the TV, go AFK and do whatever they want while the game spins the reels for them. Just set the number of desired spins and coin value before you hit the button and enjoy the lucrative rewards of the game.

  • Jackpot

Definitely, the thing that we all have our eyes on while playing slots and spinning the reels of a certain game – the Jackpot prize. Usually, the jackpot is a multiplier, same as most of the wins in the slot game, or a certain coin value that the slot developers have decided on.

The Book of Dead Jackpot stands tall at the x5,000 mark, making it one of the best multipliers in the online slot community. Who wouldn’t want to win that?

  • Big Win Example

By clicking Here, you will see an example of a winner who was playing Book of Dead slot and managed to land the winning combination of the jackpot. You can clearly see the winning combination and take some notes on how the guys were playing, and of course, use them in your gameplay.

Book of Dead Slot Bonus Features

According to many of the online surveys about the bonus features of the slots, many of the players have agreed that Free Spins is the best feature a slot game can have. Play N Go decided to add one bonus feature in Book of Dead, which is exactly a free spins round.

  • Free Spins

Before the round starts one randomly selected icon will be given the main role of the feature, and this will be the expanding symbol covering all the positions on the reel if it participates in a winning combination. What is great is that the symbols can pay if they are on an active payline – they don’t need to be adjacent to fill the stake. You will receive 10 spins when this feature starts, and all the wins are normal and same as the base game.

By landing three or more scatter Book of Dead symbols you can retrigger the feature for additional 10 Free Spins.

  • Gamble Feature

Because there is only one bonus game, Play N Go decided to add the Gamble Feature. The gamble feature is one of the most interesting ones for the players that want to gamble with what they’ve recently won.

The feature itself only gambles with the money you’ve just won, and you can either go for the x2 multiplier or for the x4 multiplier.

To double your winnings, you will have to guess the colour of the next card, whether it will be black or red. You have a 50% chance of guessing the right answer.

If you want to quadruple your latest win, you can select the option to guess the suit of the next card, whether it will be a Clover, a Spade, a Heart or a Diamond. Your chances are lowered to 25%, but in reward, you will receive x4 of your last win.

Whatever you choose to play, you can’t spend more than 5 guesses on a single win, and if you guess wrong, you will lose your last win and all that you’ve won during this feature. Note that you can guess wrong even in the 5th round, so you can always collect the prizes that you’ve just won until the 4th one for example. The Collect button will take you back to the base game and will transfer what you’ve won in your stake.

Book of Dead Slot Tips and Tricks

Although Book of Dead slot, or every other slot for that matter, is a game of chances and luck, you can still follow some tips and do something to enlarge your chances of winning some lucrative wins. Here is our Book of Dead Strategy and Tricks that you can use.

  • Denomination

We’ve explained what denomination is and how you can adjust in Book of Dead Slot. What you can do to enhance your gaming experience in this game is to always play with as high denomination as your budget allows.

It’s always better to play with as higher denomination as possible, as your wins will be much higher.

  • Paylines

The paylines are just as important as the denomination, and we would say exactly the same of them – activate all of them for more prizes!

If you are low on budget, keep all the paylines active, but lower the denomination through the coin value or the bet. This way, you will still be able to benefit from all the winning combinations on the screen, while not playing with high wagers.

  • Bet Max

The Bet Max is probably the best feature that you can find in an online slot machine. This feature sets the denomination, coin value, and level of the game all the way to the maximum while also activating all of the paylines.

The Bet Max feature is also one of the most dangerous features that you can use in a slot game. Although it can bring you a lot of lucrative wins, it can also lose all of your money because you are playing with some pretty high denomination.

We suggest you always play this feature under a certain plan or a limit that you’ve set for your cash, as you can easily lose yourself in the gameplay of Book of Dead slot.

  • Auto Play

Unlike the Bet Max, the Auto Play feature is a bit more relaxed, as you are only setting the denomination and the number of auto spins that you want the game to spin for you.

Although this feature offers you not to pay any attention to the slot game, and you can completely forget it spins, you should always keep a close eye on the slot. The game can quickly hit a streak of losing spins, which may result in you losing some money, especially if you are playing with a high denomination and you’ve selected a high number of spins.

When it comes to this, simply cancel the Auto Play feature, spin few times manually and see whether you should continue or simply it’s not your gambling day.

Book of Dead Slot RTP

The RTP plays a pretty important role in the online slots world. It states the amount of cash that the online slot returns to the players who are playing the game, over a longer period of time. This period of time is determined by the creating company and can be a certain number of spins (10,000 to 100,000) or a period of time (eight months to one year). If you want to learn a lot more about the RTP percentage, check our Detailed RTP Guide.

The RTP of Book of Dead Slot is 94.17%

The online slot machines are obliged to state the RTP and to meet the same over the previously determined RTP. This is regulated by the gambling commissions that the slot machine has, and they are making sure the numbers are always right.

Book of Dead Slot Mobile

With the rise of the Mobile as a device, the need for the slot developers to create a slot responsive for it is a must. Book of Dead slot can easily be played on any platform, from PC and laptop, through Tablet to Mobile, regardless of which operating system you are using (Android, iOS, Windows…).

Find Book of Dead Mobile anywhere on the casino sites that are stated on the right-hand side of this review.


Just another enjoyable and recommendable online video slot game developed by Play N Go which can be found in our casino. If you decide to play on our site, you will receive some bonus features as well as free spins, so we strongly encourage you to do so.

This Ancient game decanted into a video slot game definitely hooks the attention of the players that at least once span the reels of it. With a Return to Player rate of 94.17%, it is definitely a game worth checking. The bonus feature just adds a cherry on top of the golden mysterious chocolate cake and makes the whopping win even larger. Take a spin and see for yourself!

About Play N’ Go

With the Rise of the online slots gaming, so does Play N’ Go set its roots in the online industry. This company comes from Sweden and it’s created back in 1997. These are the early years of the online gambling, meaning they’ve already put their name up and high in this community.

They opened their second premises in Hungary and are always searching for better ways to enhance the gaming experience of the slot lovers.

Check their site at www.playngo.com


Find a casino, make sure you deposit to be eligible for the welcome bonus, and you are one step away from the chance to earn a life-changing awards