What Does RTP Mean In Gambling

Gambling has a lot of mechanics and nuances to it, and how rewarding a game is, is one of them. In terms of mechanics RTP is one of the most important terms players need to know. It gives them a direct and clear indication of how rewarding a certain game can potentially be.

What Does It Mean?

In casino games, Return to Player indicates the potential money the game can award back to the player over time. This value is indicated as a percentage and it’s the direct opposite of house edge, which calculates the potential advantage of the house.

As a term, RTP is very simple to explain when we are talking about slot games, and that’s where RTP is used as an indicator the most. Let’s say we are playing a slot game that has a theoretical RTP of 96.05%. We would expect the game to give us back 96.05% of each $100 wagered.

This means that we can potentially expect over a long period of time to get back $96.05 for each $100 spent in game. However, do not expect to get $96.05for each $100you spend in the game. The math of its mechanic is calculated over many million spins, so it’s better to take it as an approximate value.

RTP isn’t dead accurate. Additionally, it’s not the most accurate measure you can use to calculate the level of awards you can get. But overall, it makes more sense to play casino games with a higher RTP rate.

How Is RTP Calculated?

You calculate the Return to Player by dividing the total amount won, by the total amount gambled by players. However, you do not need to manually calculate this value by yourself. Most online casino games have this amount publicly displayed for the convenience of the players.