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Top Cat Slot Review

Nowadays, absolutely everyone on the internet loves cats.

These fluffy animals are more than present on the pages millions of cat videos and images are appearing on the World Wide Web, and they are an inspiration for more than you think.

Such an example is Top Cat Slot, the online slot game developed by Blueprint Gaming that will most definitely grab your attention.

Top Cat is an Online Slot Machine that you can play on your Mobile, Laptop or Tablet, despite the location that you are currently in.

Once you enter the game, you will see the five reels and 20 paylines where you can place the cat symbols and win real money online with just a few clicks. To start playing the game, all you need to do is chose a casino on the right-hand side, and make a registration on the site. Notice that there is a certain amount of money or some other form of a bonus before you choose the casino – that’s the Casino Welcome Bonus that you are  about to become eligible for, and it’s the same welcome bonus that will help you and facilitate your way to the most lucrative wins that the casino and Top Cat offers.

Once that step is done, you should be able to select the denomination of Top Cat Slots, which ranges from £0.20 and goes all the way to £500.00, making the people that want online gambling with a lot of cash very happy. After this set is done, all you need to do is hit the magical Spin button located on the bottom of the screen, and watch the magic happen.

Stick around if you want to learn a lot more about Top Cats, as we are just about to start the Top Cat Slot Review, and how you can win whopping prizes playing this online slot game.

Top Cat Slot Review

The slot lovers among us that are of a certain age will most definitely remember the awesome film going on Cartoon Network called Top Cat. This film was the main inspiration for Blueprint Gaming in creating this awesome work of art, and this slot game with the same name, Top Cat Slot, is the end result.

  • Design

Top Cat Slot has a sharp and edgy design, with an interesting background of the street where Top Cat and his crew roamed and made fun of Officer Dibble. The reels are positioned on top of the street, with the buildings in the foggy blue city lights and the wooden fence with the trash bins where the cats spent their nights being also part of the picture.

The top of the screen is for the logo of the game, as well as for the Top Cat Progressive Jackpot (which we will talk about later) and the amount that the jackpot has reached. The bottom, just below the reels, is for the adjustable options that the game offers. Here we can see the level of the game, the total bet, and total win, as well as the paytable and auto play buttons. Let’s not neglect the magical Spin button, which is on the bottom right corner.

  • Symbols

The reels, which are positioned in the center of the screen, are made out of symbols that will most definitely remind you of the times you watched top cat, as they are all revolving around the film story.

The same story goes with almost all of the slots out there – the symbols are divided into two categories, with the lower ones being represented by the standard, a deck of cards inspired symbols, starting from the Jack, and going through the Queen and King, all the way to the Ace. With the Jack and Queen, you can earn up to x50 your wager, while the King and the Ace are more rewarding, giving you x100 of the wager.

On the other hand, we have the higher valued symbols which are the symbols that bring the win real money for all the players. In this category, we can see some of the cats that are part of the Top Cat crew, with Top Cat Slot being the most rewarding one, especially if it stacks on the reels, bringing x400 your wager.

However, the most rewarding symbol of all has to be the Wild Symbol, and this is the symbol we are all eager to see when it lands on the reels. This Wild Symbol is represented by an eaten fish on a plate, with only its bones remaining, and the word Wild is written below it. The Wild is here to make things more interesting, to be a substitute for all the normal symbols that lack just one symbol to give the awesome cash, and it can also form winning combinations on its own. For five Wild Symbols, you will receive x500 your wager.

As an addition, and an activator of the Top Cat Bonus Round, we have the Master Plan Bonus symbol represented by all the Top Cat crew holding dozens of money bags and the word Bonus is written above the symbol. (We will talk about the Bonus Features below)

How To Play Top Cat Slots

One of my friends asked me why Top Cat Slot was such an amazing game, and what made it so special, since the numbers of the game and the number of players spinning these awesome reels were high. I had no idea what to answer him – because everything from Top Cat RTP to the Bonus Features, and the wager range that accepts players from all ranges made it awesome. Let’s not forget that the slot game has a Progressive Jackpot that most definitely attracts attention as the prize that this jackpot offers is a life-changing one!

  • About Top Cat Slot

Top Cat Slot is a pure inspiration of the awesome same-named film broadcasted on Cartoon Network  This puts the game in the TV and Movies genre.

As soon as you land on the reels of this game, you will notice that it has five reels and 20 paylines at your disposal. The best thing about the slot is that it has an awesome and wide range of denomination, which starts from £0.20 and goes all the way up to £500.00, which means that there will be a lot of players happy about it.

Let’s see how you can play Top Cat Slot and win some awesome money while entertaining yourself.

  • Choose a Casino

One of the first things you need to do before you start playing Top Cat Slot is to choose a casino from the right-hand side. Depending on when you are actually reading this review, there might be a different number of casinos on the right side, as we tend to change them with the best one on the top, so aim for that one, and the one that offers you the welcome bonus according to your desires.

  • Coin Size

Once you’ve entered the casino you choose, made the registration and deposit, you can now focus on the online slot game. Set the coin size, which in Top Cat Slot ranges from one to ten. Obviously, the higher coin size you select, the more lucrative your wins will be, but keep in mind that you are playing with a higher volume of cash, and if it’s not your lucky day, you may end up below the negative line fast.

  • Denomination

It’s the same story with the denomination as it is with the coin size. You need to set it up before you start spinning the reels, and in Top Cat Slot the denomination ranges from £0.20 all the way up to £500.00. This will make all the players happy, despite if you are here for the fun and entertainment of the game and reliving old, nostalgically inspired memories or you are here to earn some lucrative real money and play with a high denomination. For both categories of players there are features that you can play with and enjoy what you are after:

  • Bet Max

If you belong to the category of people that enjoy an adrenaline rush and fast cash, this feature is for you. The Bet Max feature is usually present in all of the modern online slot games, and Top Cat Slot is one of them. When you hit this feature, your denomination, coin size and level of the game are automatically set to the maximum, and in Top Cat Slots this means that you will play with 20 paylines, a denomination of £500.00 per spin, level 5 spins and a coin size of 10.

Although this feature seems like a big bite, it may lose all of your money pretty fast, so before you hit this button make sure you are aware of it.

  • Auto Play

On the other hand, the Auto Play feature if for the people that are more interested in enjoying the online slot game, see the happenings, enjoy the reels and symbols and get the most out of the bonus features. This button can be also used if you simply want to test your luck, but you also like watching TV for example, as it sets the reels of the slot game spinning automatically.

This means that all you need to do is set the denomination and the number of auto spins, and give your index finger a rest, as the reels will spin automatically, and fill your stake with lucrative real money. Read below for Top Cat Tips and how you can get the most out of these two features.

  • Progressive Jackpot King

One of the best things and the attention dragger is the Top Cat Slot Progressive Jackpot. This jackpot is a life-changing one, and it is something that every single slot player wants to get their hands on it. The Progressive Jackpot is linked with other games with Progressive Jackpots from Blueprint Gaming, therefore, the jackpot gets fed from several games, and you can win it by playing those several games. These jackpots are one of the best jackpots when it comes to the amount you can win, but they are also one of the hardest to get, as many players play different games in order to win it.

If you want to lay your hands on this Progressive Jackpot King, you will need to land Five Jackpot Symbols anywhere on the reels. This will open the gate to the reel set where your task is to collect crowns before the round ends, and f you manage to collect 15, you will be taken to the wheel of fortune, where the wins are astonishing, and here you are just one single step away from the best amount of real money you’ve seen in slot games.

Here is a guy that almost won the Progressive Jackpot King, and you can see what it takes to win it by simply clicking on this YouTube Video.

  • Big Win Example

To prove you that Top Cat Slot is one of the outstanding ones, there are people that have managed to catch their big wins on tape, so here is something that might be of your interest – a big winner which caught and uploaded the moment on this YouTube video.

Top Cat Slots Bonus Features

Let’s not forget to mention that Top Cat Slot has managed to get the attention of so many people because of the Bonus Features that it has, and with three amazing features, out of which two can be triggered by the player, Top Cat Slot Machine offers something incredible. Let’s look at the features, how you can trigger them, and what you can win from them.

  • The Master Plan

The master plan is the main feature of Top Cat Slot and this is where your decision can have a big impact on the final prize that you win. The Master Plan bonus feature is triggered by landing three or more of the Master Plan Bonus symbol anywhere on the 1st, 3rd or 5th reel, and you will be asked to pick one of the plans on the notice board. These plans reveal one of the following prizes and mini-games inside the bonus feature:

  • Cash Picker Bonus – You need to keep picking bins and you will be rewarded with Multipliers. This bonus game ends when you find Officer Dibble.
  • Maharajah Heist – In this mini-game, you will play a trial game with two stages. In both stages, the prizes will be the same – multipliers and cash prizes. Either one is good, so you are up for a threat.
  • Diner Free Spins – In this game your goal is to collect wilds on special reels. The more you collect, the faster you will advance to more lucrative reel sets, where the major prizes are placed.
  • Dibble’s Free Spins – This is a pretty straightforward free spins round where more reels are added, and the chances to land wilds are doubled, which means the frequency of the rewards is doubled.
  • Construction Site Wilds – unlimited free spins until five meal tickets have been collected on the reels

Whichever of these mini-games you land and uncover from The Master Plan bonus feature, you will have an entertaining time with lots of lucrative prizes on your stake.

  • Fancy-Fancy’s Hot Dog Re-Spins

The wild Hot Dog can be stacked on all the positions on one reel – and when you manage to do that on the 5th reel, you will trigger the Fancy-Fancy’s Hot Dog Re-Spins bonus feature of Top Cat Slot.

The wild feature will then start to move one position left with each spin, participating in the winning combinations and giving you awesome five Free Spins and a chance to win some awesome rewards.

The bonus feature ends when the wild falls off the left side of the screen, and you will proceed with the base game normal spins.

Base Game Bonuses

The base game offers some nice bonuses that are triggered randomly. Top Cat’s Gang is participating in the base game with random bonuses, putting their noses everywhere and helping you get some awesome rewards in hope of sharing the initial prize.

There are a total of four of them, and here is what you will get once you manage to activate them:

  • Choo’s Piano Wilds – The power of Choo and his piano will add random wilds on random positions across the screen. We all know how wilds function, which means there are awesome rewards waiting for you once this random base game pops.
  • Benny’s Colossal TVs – There will be random TV symbols on the reels, and those TV symbols’ programs will be changed to random symbols. If you are lucky enough, there will be a winning combination once they get changed.
  • Brain’s Water Wilds – Brain will place water hydrants below the reels under each reel and there is a huge chance some of them will splash water across its reel and turn the complete reel into a wild reel, and you already know what a wild reel can do!
  • Spook’s Mice Is Nice – there will be mice appearing on the reels on random positions and they will keep spinning the reels and changing the positions of the symbols. They will only change the position of an adjacent symbol that results in a 100% winning combination, so whenever you see the mice don’t be afraid – be very happy as you earned yourself some nice big wins.

With this, the Top Cat Bonus Features come to an end, but you shouldn’t be concerned as there as all you need to do is scroll up the bonus features and you will be able to see how many are there. Good luck not triggering one in few spins!

Top Cat Mobile

We all know how the mobile devices have become more and more used in basically every aspect of our lives. They have become a main part of the online gambling as well, therefore more and more players are playing the slot games from a mobile device.

If you are one of those players, you are lucky because if you want to play Top Cat Slot on a Mobile Device you won’t have any problem, as the game is responsive to it.

Top Cat can be played on Mobile, regardless of whether you have an Android, iOS or Windows operating system.

Top Cat is also responsive to Tablet or PC/Laptop, offering you the maximum versatility and possibilities to play on the go, from the comfort of your home, or basically wherever you desire.

Top Cat Slots Tips

Same with each online slot game Top Cat Slot needs to be played carefully, without rushing and with an understanding of the rules and gameplay of the slot.

Make sure you carefully read this review, as we have absolutely everything covered in it, and you won’t find a similar one on the internet (not for now).

  • Paylines

If you are a slot lover, you know that you can set the number of paylines according to your desire. You can even play with one payline, or activate all of the paylines and decrease the coin value.

You can always play with the coin value and the paylines, maxing out the one and playing with the least of the other for a safer way, but remember – activating all of the paylines and the total coin value always works better, and at the end of the day pays out more real money.

Although you’re perhaps likely to land more winning combinations this way, any winnings you do receive will perhaps be less than they would be if you were spinning with very high-value coins. This is, of course, because slots’ payouts are based on multipliers of stake sizes, like the maximum amount that you can win in Top Cat Slot being a multiplier of x500!

  • Bonus Features

Check out the bonus features, as there are many surprising elements that can strike you from the 1st spin. The base game contains bonuses that are triggered randomly and you can be confused, as they are awesome opportunities to win some real money, and not many games offer this opportunity.

Read the features carefully so that you have an understanding of what they do, and how they behave.

  • Bet Max Feature

The Bet Max feature is one of the greatest features that you can find in the online slot games. As we’ve already mentioned, the Bet Max offers a gameplay with the denomination, coin value and the level of the game tilted all the way to the maximum, and when you say it like this, a lot of people see this as an inspiration and free big money, but the thing is that they are wrong!

The Bet Max feature is the feature that loses almost all of the real money that the people are investing, or if some players have won and they want to reinvest the real money, they are losing them all.

To be honest, playing for real money and a combination of the Bet Max feature can be pretty tragic. The feature loses the amount of money as the maximum denomination is, and in Top Cat Slot, that denomination is £500.00! That’s a lot of cash to lose in one spin.

If you decide to play with the highest denomination, or under this feature’s effect, we strongly suggest you come up with a plan, or a limit to your cash, for example, state the amount you are ready to lose before you hit this feature, and then proceed with it.

  • Auto Play

The Auto Play feature is not as risky as the Bet Max feature, as you are choosing your denomination and you can play even with the smallest one if you want, but you can easily get carried away while playing.

Most of the cases with Auto Play feature ended up in setting the higher Auto Play number and completely turning their eyes off the game, and because for some reason they didn’t end up with a single win, they quickly lost all of their cash.

Our tip is to always keep your eyes on the feature and on the reels of Top Cat Slot, as you can easily react, stop the feature and proceed manually, or even placing double more free spins if it turns out to be your lucky day!

  • Progressive Jackpot

The Progressive Jackpot is closely related to the Bet Max feature, as you will need to play with the highest denomination to feed the progressive jackpot and to win the same. There is not much talking about this feature, but we suggest the same – that you come up with a limit or a plan before executing the highest wager and your chase of the life-changing real money in this slot.

Top Cat Slot RTP

The RTP is one of the major indicators of whether a person is willing to spend its time, money and energy in this particular slot game, or choose another one.

For the ones that have no idea what RTP is, we’ve got a nice Detailed RTP Guide prepared for you, but we will try to make it clear here.

The RTP is the amount of real money that the slot machine pays out to the players, and what’s left until 100% is kept by the online game.

The RTP of Top Cat Slot is 92.49%

This means that the machine keeps 7.51% to itself while giving away the 92.49% to all the players. The thing is, we are all trying so hard to win a better percentage out of this 92.49 %, as they are not distributed equally, and they are most certainly not distributed in the same time.

For the percentage to even out, some slot developers are setting a fixed number of spins (10,000 or even 100,000) while others are working with a period of time (10 months or One Year). After that period of time (or spins) passes, the percentage should be evened out.

This is regulated by the Gambling Commissions and there is no way that the machines can cheat this number.

Top Cat Slot’s RTP is a little bit below the average of the online slots, and the reason behind this is the progressive jackpot. Because Top Cat Slot offers a progressive jackpot, they offer something that most of the online slot games don’t have, therefore, even with a smaller Return to Player percentage this game is more attractive than most of the online games nowadays.

Play Top Cat Slots

Top Cat Slot is obviously one of the best slots that you can find that is based on and revolve around a TV and Cartoon Network Film. This slot should be definitely on your to-do list, as it offers outstanding playing circumstances.

With a gameplay that can rock your world, bonus features that I can’t even recall all after testing the game and writing the review, because there are tons of them, a life-changing progressive jackpot and awesome mobile responsiveness, Top Cat Slot is definitely among the top slots on my list.

The denomination that you can play with suits players from all ranges – the ones that are here for the fun, entertainment and reliving those old memories inside them will find satisfaction with the smaller coin value and wager, while the guys that are here for the real cash and big wins will most definitely have their satisfaction with the maximum range of the denomination, as well as with the progressive jackpot.

Find a casino on the right-hand side, check the welcome bonuses, and even read the casino instructions and our casino reviews (there is a link to the casino reviews below the casino) and find the one that suits you the best.


Once you start spinning the game there is no turning back, and all you need to do is to choose a casino on the side of this review. Make sure you deposit to be eligible for the welcome bonus, and best of luck playing Top Cat Slots!