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Are you ready to spin the reels of the most played online slot of all time?

According to statistics, Starburst slot is the most played Online Slot Machine, it has the largest data of fans, and most searches online. It’s not a surprise that the most played video game will come from the oven of the best slot producing company, Net Entertainment.

Starburst slots is a space game where your goal is to land as many of the same features adjacent to each other, or on the paylines of the game in order to get yourself a treat and win some lucrative prizes.

With five reels and 10 paylines, Starburst enjoys some lovely features that the players will most definitely love. Before you start spinning the reels of a game, you have to select a casino from the selection of the same on this page.

The denomination of the game is £0.10 all the way up to £100.00 where the maximum win is astonishing 50,000 coins! The RTP stands tall at 96.1% and with a design like this one, your slot dreams seem to have come true.

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Starburst Slot

As we have already mentioned, Net Entertainment is one of the best online slot machine providers, and they are constantly proving their supremacy with the new slots they are releasing. Starburst gets on the stage in 2011 and has been on since then, never failing to surprise its players.

  • Design

The design of Starburst is one of the many things that are making this game incredible, so let’s start with the very 1st impression you will have once you enter the game.

If you are a fan of the galaxy, the stars, and the vast interstellar space, you will love Starburst slot. The game revolves around the concept of star fusion, which after a lot of pressure causes Starburst – a process where new galaxies are born. The game’s background is dark with a lot of small shiny dots in the background moving left and right, and a planet in the bottom left corner whining. The reels are transparent and divided by a single line, and the symbols come on top of them like close stars.

On the top of the page, you can see the logo of the game, while the sides are for the paylines of the game, where if you mouse over them while you are in the game, they will appear on the screen and you will have a clear idea of how they work and what to expect.

As always, the features and the adjustable options are at the bottom of the game. You will see the Bet, Level of the Game, Coin value and the current amount of Coins. They can be adjusted by pressing the left or right green arrow right next to the feature.

Overall, a pretty awesome design and a lovely graphics from a game coming from 2011, where you have to leave the voice up an experience the closest you’ve ever been to Starburst fusion while having the opportunity to win some lovely prizes.

  • Symbols

The symbols, as expected, are all revolving around the same sensation, where in combination with the background, look like awesome stars.  Some of the symbols are sparkling jewels which look fantastic on an HD screen. There are five of the sparkling symbols or gems, in Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple colour.

There are also the Seven and the Bar symbols which will be recognized by all the fruit game lovers out there.

To make things interesting, there is a Wild Symbol which is represented by the Starburst Logo’s symbol, which partially triggers the bonus feature which we will talk about later.

How to Play Starburst Slot

The love of the stars and everything that comes with it is required and extraordinary, meaning the stars will give you back as much as you give to them.  Do you want to learn how to spin the reels of this amazing slot game? Here are the step by step tips.

  • About the Slot

Starburst Slot possesses five reels and 10 paylines at your disposal. In most of the games, you can choose the number of paylines which you will play with, but in Starburst the amount is fixed, meaning you can only play with 10, and adjust the other options of the game.

  • Choose a Casino

If you want to be spinning the reels of this awesome space-themed online slot game, first you have to choose one of the Casinos that are positioned at the right-hand side of this review, check out their pros and cons, see the player’s rating and everything that the casino offers.

The casino plays a relatively important role in your overall gaming experience of Starburst. Each casino has their own unique user interface, user experience, and welcome bonuses. We have written the pros and cons of each casino, as well as the players’ rating that will help you decide on the casino where you want to play the game and enhance your Starburst gaming experience to the maximum.

Don’t forget that if you are in the casino for the very first time, you should grab the welcome bonus that is here for you!

  • Set the Denomination

Setting the denomination is pretty important for the slot games, and you can easily adjust it by pressing the + / – at the bottom of the screen or in Starburst slot the green arrows pointing to left and right. They are pretty obvious, so you can notice them immediately.

You can’t start spinning the reels unless there is a denomination set, or in some games the case might be that it’s already set to the lowest, but you most certainly won’t want to be playing at that level.

The denomination of Starburst ranges from £0.01 up to £100.00. The number of paylines plays a major role in the denomination number, but since in Starburst you can’t adjust the Paylines, you have a narrower approach.

Depending on the type of players that you want to be, or how you want to play the slot, you can always choose a lower number of paylines and enjoy the galaxy that you have in the palm of your hands, or you can go more aggressively and take the most out of the game, setting everything all the way to the maximum with desire to get the most cash from Starburst.

  • Set the Coin Size

The Coin Size also plays a major role in your gameplay, and by selecting the coin size you also adjust the overall denomination and wager of the game.

The Coin Size in Starburst Slot ranges from £0.01 up to £1.00 for a single spin.

Just as in the other adjustable features of Starburst, you can regulate it on the + / – or in this game on the Green arrows pointing left and right.

  • Bet Max

This is Not a feature for the ones that are here for the fun and entertainment, to see whether they like the game and for the players on a budget. This is an extremely aggressive feature that will set the denomination, coin value and level of the game all the way to the maximum, and in games where you can adjust the paylines, it will also activate all of the paylines.

Although the Bet Max feature seems like a pretty exciting feature and it can bring you a lot of cash if you a lucky, you always have to open your eyes and senses while playing it. Come up with a limit to your cash as you are spinning with a lot of money for one spin.

  • Auto Play

The Auto Play, on the other hand, offers a pretty relaxed approach to the game, offering to spin the reels of this online slot machine on its own. This is a feature for everyone that wants to give their index finger a rest and not click the Spin button constantly, for the ones that want to watch television, or if you are on the go, not being forced to constantly look at your phone. You can AFK and get back to a lot of cash but remember that you can get back with zero cash as well.

You can select to Auto Play Starburst with 10, 25, 50, 100,250, 500, 750 and 1,000 spins.

  • Jackpot

The jackpot is the maximum amount that you can win in a given Online Slot Machine, and in Starburst it’s over the roof! The Starburst’s largest payout is astonishing 5,000 coins that you can land on your account once playing with the highest denomination and coin value, as well as the paylines (in other games where you can control the number)

  • Other Features

The game has 10 levels which go proportional with the bet and if you raise the number of levels and the coin value, your denomination will increase.

The Gamble Feature is not available in Starburst Slot.

  • Big Win Example

As always, we are more than happy to present you with a big winner from the online slot game we are reviewing. This is for the sake of letting you know that’s more than possible to land a big win in the game you are reading about and to give you an inside of how a big win appears, reacts and does to the screen.

Here is the Starburst Big Win Example coming from the UK that we know relatively little about, but if you come across this review and video, drop few words in the comment section.

Starburst Slot Bonus Features

Before we start explaining about the Starburst Bonus Features, let us tell you that you won’t see the standard bonus features as you are used to, and you will not be taken to another screen, but they happen during the base game. There won’t be any wheel of fortune or board game that you will play, but unique, jet interesting bonus features that are unlike any other.

Some of the slot reviews around the internet think that they are not even bonus features since they can occur randomly during the base game, but let’s give them some credit as they will fill in your stake!

  • Block Payouts

Apart from the 10 paylines, you can also win money for creating geometrical symbols out of more Starburst symbols. For example, you can win a payout for creating a triangle out of six (3x2x1) symbols, or even more if you created a triangle with ten (4x3x2x1) symbols. Check out the paylines options once you are in the game and you can see it explained.

  • Win Both Ways

Starburst is also one of the rare games where you can win both ways, from left to right and the other way around. Usually, the slot games only payout after a win from left to right, but since this doubles your chances of winning, it’s placed in the Bonus Features category.

Starburst Slot Tips

There are few tips that are relevant to all the slot games out there, and some that are applying only for Starburst.

  • Denomination

When it comes to the denomination of Starburst and any other slot game, the more denomination you play with, the better you are. Especially after we mentioned the fact that the highest wins and most of the other wins in the game are multipliers, which will increase your payouts.

This comes down to your budget, and you should never follow examples of other people pursuing higher or lower denomination compared to yours. Always follow what you can afford and make the budget plans according to your budget!

  • Coin Value

The coin value is pretty much the same as the denomination, as you will have to make the adjustments according to your budget, and set it as you desire and can afford.

  • Bet Max

As you already know, the Bet Max is a lovely feature which can bring you a lot of excitement, adrenaline rush, and pretty decent payouts. Since you are playing with the highest denomination, coin value and level of the game, it can also be pretty tragic for your budget.

Always set a plan or a limit before playing with the Bet Max feature so that you can see where you are going wrong, and not to get thrown off the cliff after losing all of your money. So, either set the plans and your thoughts straight about the Bet Max feature, or completely neglect it, for your own good.

  • Auto Play

Although the Auto Play is a relatively relaxed feature with a calmer approach than Bet Max, it can also turn the whole game and enjoyment into tragedy.

Since the reels are spinning automatically, with you only setting the denomination and number of auto spins, you can forget about the spinning, especially if you set a larger number of spins (Starburst allows up to whopping 1,000!) and go outside of the house, play some games, watch TV and basically forget about the game. Once you return, you will see the stake going downhill, and you are left without a cash. Imagine this scenario after setting the highest denomination.

Always keep an eye on the game, even if you have the Auto Play feature selected. You will be able to see how the game progresses, and you will be able to cancel the feature if things don’t go according to your plan. After all, this way you can enjoy the lovely design of the game and all the positive things found in their visualities and audio.

Starburst Slot Mobile

With the passing of the years, the users that approach the online slot machines from mobile phone increases while the PC, Lap Top, Tablet and other devices decrease.

This means that the online slot games have to be responsive for a mobile device and make sure that players can always access the game from their mobile phones.

Starburst is a slot that can be played on any device, starting from the Mobile (Android, iOS, Windows and any other) up to PC and Tablet. Enjoy the galactic game on the go, while n the bus, or in the comfort of your home.

Starburst Slot RTP

RTP is one pretty important parameter of an online slot game. It indicates the amount of money that the online slot machine returns to its players over a longer period of time. The number is always displayed in percentage. The RTP or Return to Player is always displayed on the online slot machine and has to be true because of the license and gambling regulations that the slot passes before people can play on it. For more information about RTP check out Detailed RTP Guide, and now let’s return to Starburst RTP

Starburst Slot offers an RTP of 96.10%

This means that the game keeps only less than 4% for itself while giving away the rest of the money to the players, and that’s exactly what you are spinning for. It’s always better to play games that offer a lot more RTP although, because the number evens out after a longer period of time, it really comes down to whether it’s your lucky day along the few tips that you can offer.

Starburst Free Play

The Starburst video slot machine developed by Net Entertainment was made in the 2012 and quickly climbed up the ladder of success. Its popularity is still under question by some if the slot game players because the game lacks some of the features that are dragging players to the game like Bonus Rounds, Free Spins and so on.

In the end, the game turns out to be much more rewarding than the games that offer these features, therefore we can see where the rate of 96.10% player-return comes from. With its classic look of an 80s’ slot machine and interesting modern lid graphics, it makes every player want to stick around more. this game is perfect for every beginner as well as risk-taking advanced players since the bet can be placed from £1 all the way up to £100.

All of the information above together with the win cap of £50,000 explains why it’s one of the most popular games and why it propelled so fast in the top played online video slot games.

Find a proper casino, Deposit to be eligible for the welcome bonus, set the parameters according to your desire and hit the Spin button, watching the game fills in your stake for some life-changing rewards!

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