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Rainbow Riches Slot Review

Every single one of us wants to earn fast cash in the blink of an eye. We’ve been there, and we have the solution for you.

The solution is called Rainbow Riches Slots, one of the best games that you will find by Barcrest that will most definitely catch your eye.

Rainbow Riches offers a nice and elegant Irish Themed gameplay with a lot of lovely symbols and relaxing background. With five reels and 20 paylines, you are up for a treat if you decide to go for this game.

All you need to do is check one of the casino sites that are on the right-hand side of this review, click on the one that offers the best Slot Welcome Bonuses and goes for that casino by clicking wherever, on the image or the text of the same. The casino bonuses may be found in several shapes, as free spins, welcome cash bonus or in-game facilitators.

Set the denomination from £0.05 all the way up to £400.00, which means that all the shapes of players will be satisfied.

The best thing is the major jackpot or the grand prize of the game that you can win, which is a multiplier of x500 or your wager. This means the more you play, the more lucrative wins you will get, but we will talk about that in a minute. Let’s start with the Rainbow Riches Review now.

Rainbow Riches Slot

The amazing design and sharp graphics will most definitely invite you to the reels of this game. Check them out below.

  • Design

Upon launching Rainbow Riches Slot, you’ll be welcomed with some upbeat magical music to accompany you on your spinning journey. Plus, the eye-catching graphics and colourful design are sure to keep you enticed from the start!

On the top of the page, you will see how the slot’s logo, Rainbow RIchies with the rainbow going all the way behind, supported by a lovely framework outside of the reels and the lovely symbols.
This Irish-themed Rainbow Riches slot features everything you’d expect from one within this particular category; leprechauns and pots of gold are plentiful, as are your chances of landing them with five reels and 20 paylines!

On the bottom of the screen, you can see the options that this game has offered to you, like Stake per line, number of paylines that you want to play with (Obviously the more paylines you play with, your chances of landing a lucrative win will be higher, but you have to pay more stake per line for every line. Either way, go with the max paylines, it’s worth!). The stake and total paid are also stated here, while the Spin, Paytable and AutoPlay buttons are also at the bottom of the page. Rainbow Riches Slots is full of these features!

  • Symbols

Rainbow Riches Slots has two categories of symbols, higher and lower ones. These Symbols are all related to the theme and you will find them very interesting. Although some of the symbols are also used in the other games, their design is modified so they fit the needs of this game.

The lower ones are, as expected, the deck of playing card inspired symbols, which are coming from the number 10 and going through the Jack, Queen, and King, all the way to the Ace. The Ace is the highest paying one, while the other ones will bring you a consolation prize, just for you to stay in the game and have credits for the next spins.

On the other hand, Rainbow Riches Slots has the higher valued symbols as wee, which, interestingly, all participate in the bonus features that we will talk about later.

As always, to make things interesting, there is a Wild Symbol in the form of a coin which will participate in the winning combinations of the lower symbols and replace their positions. The Golden Leprechaun Coin wild symbol is also the coin that will give you the x500 jackpot of the game if you manage to land five of it on a winning payline.

The Scatter Symbol is the logo of the game, which also rewards some juicy awards for two or more scatters on the screen.

This slot’s bonus symbols also stay on-theme, with a leprechaun, a wishing well and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow all making appearances on the reels, as well as the gold coin wild symbol!

Play now on some of our casinos, choose the welcome bonus that suits your needs, and win some of the lucrative prizes installed just for you! Don’t miss this awesome Rainbow Riches Slot Machine opportunity to grab the awesome whopping prizes.

How to Play Rainbow Riches Slot

You could say that Rainbow Riches slot has gained such popularity because it welcomes players of all levels and budgets. Here we will explain, step by step, how you can play Rainbow Riches Slot.

  • Choose a Casino

To start spinning these awesome Rainbow Riches Slots reels, you need to choose a casino on the right-hand side. The once that are on the top offer better welcome bonuses, and you will need the slot welcome bonuses to have a head start and immediately break through to the juicy wins.

  • About the Slot

Rainbow Riches slots game has 20 paylines and you can play across one, all 20 or any number in between. If you’re playing with a small coin size, you can still wager across all 20 lines, giving yourself more chances to land winning combinations without increasing your total stake by too much!

  • Set the Coin Size

With coin sizes ranging from 1p to £25, this slot game can be played without having to break the bank. Plus, with a jackpot of 500x your initial stake, players really do have the chance to win some decent and life-changing prizes from Rainbow Riches Slots.

  • Denominations

To start spinning the Rainbow Riches Slot reels, you will need to set the Denomination, which is with a range from £0.05 and goes all the way up to £400.00. This means that all sets of players will be happy that there is a wagering range as large as this one. The players that are here for the excitement and enjoyment, and want to play without risking their cash can play with lower denomination, while the ones who are here for the crazy wins can set everything to the maximum and have the adrenaline rush they desired.

  • Jackpot

The jackpot for Rainbow Riches slot isn’t necessarily the biggest out of all the slot games, although there are three attractive bonus features that are sure to keep players enticed and excited whilst spinning!

Plus, the jackpot, standing at 500x the wagering amount, still allows players to win an acceptable amount of money. To hit the jackpot, players must land five wild gold leprechaun coins, which is the Wild symbol of the slot game.

  • Big Win Example

There are a lot of people that have already played Rainbow Riches slot, and a small number of them are able to brag with the big wins they’ve achieved, and in this example, we have something that might be of your interest. This is a video of a person playing Rainbow Riches and uploaded it to YouTube.

Rainbow Riches Slot Bonus Features

When it comes to the Bonus Features of Rainbow Riches, Barcrest made sure they are rich in every sense of the word. There are up to three bonus features triggered by three different symbols, and here is how you can activate them and play for some lovely rewards.

  • The Road to Riches Bonus

Check Out a Video of Rainbow Riches Slots – Road To Riches Bonus

This feature is one of the best in Rainbow Riches Slot, and it can be triggered when you land three or more Leprechaun symbols anywhere on the reels. Once this happens, you’ll be taken to a screen showing increasingly valuable Multipliers on a pathway, as well as a wheel of fortune. Clicking ‘Spin’ will start the wheel, and you’ll land on a number between one and six.

This is something like a board game, where you are spinning the virtual dice and moving forward. You are the tailor of your own destiny in this mini-game inside this amazing slot game. There are several options that you can choose in this bonus game.

Landing on a number will move you forward the corresponding amount of spaces, although landing on ‘Collect’ will end the bonus feature. At the end of the bonus feature, you’ll be awarded the multiplier on which you finished, and everything that you won on The Road To Riches will be multiplied by the multiplier you land at. This is an incredibly satisfying game that you can play and win a nice amount of cash while doing so, plus, you will be as entertained as playing any other board game online.

  • The Wishing Well Bonus

Check Out a Video of the Rainbow Riches Slot – The Wishing Well Bonus

This feature is a simple one. Launched by landing three or more Wishing Well symbols, the Wishing Well Bonus feature kicks off with a request so that you choose one of the Wells on the screen which has a hidden reward in it.

The rewards in the well are usually multipliers, and the bonus from underneath the well will be applied to your total stake, increasing your slots winnings and your chances of leaving the slot with your pockets full of cash. Isn’t Rainbow Riches Slot Wishing Well awesome?

  • Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Bonus

Check Out a Video of the Rainbow Riches – Pots of Gold Bonus

The last, but definitely not the least feature in Rainbow Riches Slots is triggered when three pots of gold symbols are landed on reels two, three and four.

A screen will then be launch in the slot game, showing a leprechaun with 12 pots of gold circling above, each of different value. Once the pots of gold stop spinning, the one that stops at the bottom of the screen, below the arrow, is the one with the multiplier that you’ll win.

Rainbow Riches slot’ Pots of Gold Bonus feature will clearly stand out as the most lucrative, if you can manage to trigger it, that is! Although this particular addition to this slot game may be hard to initially get to, the wins it can offer do incentivize players returning to spin again!

Although none of the bonus features offers Rainbow Riches Free Spins, you can find a casino on the right-hand side with a free spins welcome bonus, and use them in this game, giving you something that the game lacks, and something that every slot player wants.

Rainbow Riches Slot Tips

  • Paylines

With Rainbow Riches slot and all multiline slots for that matter, we’d recommend trying to play across as many paylines as possible. Because this will increase the total stake for that spin, you can always user smaller coin sizes, but across more lines, in order to balance out your wagering amount, hopefully matching up to suit your original slots budget. In the long run, playing with more paylines drastically increases your chance of landing a lucrative winning combination, as the whole screen is covered with the paylines from the game.

Although you’re perhaps likely to land more winning combinations this way, any winnings you do receive will perhaps be less than they would be if you were spinning with very high-value coins. This is of course because slots’ payouts are based on multipliers of stake sizes.

Despite this, this method may allow you to win little and often, and depending on your preferred gaming style, this may suit you better and end up with your cumulative winnings standing at a fairly handsome total.

  • Bet Max

If you are one of the players that enjoy spinning the reels full of adrenaline rush and want to earn a big fortune out of the game, we recommend you spin the Rainbow Riches Slots reels under the Bet Max feature, which will set the denomination, coin value and level of the game all the way to the maximum. you can also manually set the stake per line and the number of lines, as well as the denomination all the way to the top.

Although this feature seems like a juicy one, you can easily lose yourself in it, and wake up with no money left to play. Our biggest tip to you is that if you want to play under this feature, always set a limit or a plan for spinning, as you can easily find yourself at the bottom of the empty gold pit. Either that or completely neglect this feature and go for something much safer, and Rainbow Riches Slots has them!

  • Auto Play

A much safer option is the Auto Play feature, which will set the reels spinning automatically, with you only setting the denomination and the number of auto spins. The AutoPlay feature will make you sit back and relax, give your index finger a rest and let you enjoy everything that the game offers. You can also AFK from Rainbow Riches Slots and see your stake all the way through the roof.

  • Bonus Features

We’d also say that this slot game’s bonus features seem to be rather elusive, so we’d recommend making your slots budget last long enough for you to trigger them. When you do manage to play these added extras, the rewards can be worth the wait, so try not to miss out on spending too much, too soon.

Rainbow Riches Slot Mobile

Nowadays, it is really important for a slot game to be responsive to all the devices that the customers are playing from, and that includes the mobile device as well. Rainbow Riches mobile is now available, and the game can also be played on Laptop or Tablet as well. It doesn’t matter if you have Android, iOS or Windows, Rainbow Riches Slots can be played on all mobile Operative Systems.

Depending on the casino, you can also download their app on the stores of your model of mobile, or you can play Rainbow Riches Online, directly through a browser, with a flash installed.

Rainbow Riches Slot RTP

The RTP plays an important part when you get to choose the slot game that you are going to play. For the guys among you that don’t know what RTP means, you can check our Detailed RTP Guide, which will get to explain things in a more profound way.

The Rainbow Riches Slot RTP is 95.00%

This means that the game holds 5% of all of the players’ deposits and keeps them to maintain the game, while the other 95% are divided across the players. You will be battling for this 95 % and the more share of them you will be able to obtain, the better.

Rainbow Riches slots is a game played by many people, it is the favourite Irish-themed game and it is a game with three bonus features, an RTP that is satisfying and rewarding, you can obtain free spins through our casinos, and the list of positive things of the game can go on forever.

This means that the game has a lot of money to award to its players, all you need to do is start spinning the reels.

The RTP percentage gets even after a longer period of time, which means you won’t immediately receive 95% of the stake, as soon as you play the game. The RTP reaches the 95% after a certain number of spins (10,000 or 100,000, or in some cases, a previously decided period of time, like one year). If you are lucky enough, you can win the Max Win with the highest denomination, which means the game may pay out even 1000% of its money, meaning the other players will suffer for the game’s loss.

Spin now and be one of the players that have seen the bright light playing Rainbow Riches slot.

Rainbow Riches Slot Free Play

Rainbow Riches slot is clearly popular for good reason, catering to the needs of all types of online slots players and featuring eye-catching designs and magical music! Better yet, there are various bonus features that are triggered regularly, keeping you fully entertained!

Although this slot doesn’t reward players with Free Spins, the multipliers on offer can make for some big wins and you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking you have stumbled across the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Boasting an RTP of 95.00%, Rainbow Riches slot also which isn’t too bad amongst slots.

For a game that brings elements of both classic and modern slots together, we’d recommend having a spin on Rainbow Riches slot, bringing you some great bonus features, graphics and slots fun. Like we said, it may not have the highest jackpot in the slots scene, but it’s worth a go for some of the other features on offer!


Make sure you find an online casino, deposit for the first time to grab the welcome bonus, and you are ready to experience the life of the Leprechaun through this awesome slot game!

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