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Mega Moolah Slot Review

Are you up for possibly the most famous online slot game of all times?

If your answer is yes, you are in the right spot!

Mega Moolah Slot is arguably one of the most searched and played online slots in the UK and overall in the world, and in this review, we will show you why that’s the case, and we will go through a detailed review of the game, so If you are eager to find out more, stick around, or hit the red button below to skip the review and go directly to the game.

Mega Moolah is an animal-themed online slot game that comes from the Microgaming oven and uses animals from the African savannas to award you some lucrative wins! It’s produced in December 2006, and recently had its 10th year anniversary where thousands of players were celebrated and praised the game that made them happy with the payouts, and you can be one of them!

This awesome Microgaming online slot machine offers five reels and 25 paylines in the jungle setting. If you want to spin the reels, you need to select one of the casinos that are located on the right-hand side of this review, which will take you to the game. Make sure you see the welcome bonuses and what the casino offers if you want to experience the game at its fines, and claim them, as they will facilitate your way to the most lucrative wins of the game.

The denomination that you can play the game with ranges from £0.25 and goes all the way up to £125.00, while the maximum amount to win in the base game is a whopping Multiplier of x10,000! Another positive thing about the game is the RTP that it offers, which stands proudly at 97.00%, way above the online slot machine’s average RTP!

We are delighted to announce all of this positive information, including a Progressive Jackpot that is linked with other Microgaming games as one whole. More about the Progressive Jackpot a bit below.

Mega Moolah Slot

Doing deep in the jungle, you will find beautiful and majestic animals dwelling on the sunlight and enjoying life at its finest. Going deep in Mega Moolah you will find amazing prizes! Let’s see the appearance of the game and what you will see at first glance.

  • Design

The very first thing that you will see in Mega Moolah is the enormous reels of the game. Since the game was originally present in the 1970s as a land-based casino slot machine, the online slot is an adaptation to the same – an adaptation made in 2006 which doesn’t follow the rules of the modern online slot machines which tend to keep the reels smaller in order to present a fancy backgrounds, cool images and themes that will make you feel more like a video game rather than a slot game. That doesn’t mean it’s not a game you should skip – in fact, it’s so good that it lasted a whole decade and copes among the best and latest online slot machines.

At the top of the screen, you will see the game’s logo in red and green, while just below the four jackpots that the game offers: Mini, Minor Major and Mega progressive jackpots and their current value.

On the sides, right next to the reels, you will see the paylines marked in different colours, and if you mouse over them they will appear on the screen so that you know how they work and what to expect. Just below the reels, you can see all the paylines which will open in a new pop-up window.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see the adjustable options like Lines, Coins, Paylines and Coin Size, as well as the Bet Max and Auto Play features which are right next to the magical spin button. The current coins are displayed on a small screen in the bottom left corner, and since there is a linked progressive jackpot with some other games, there is a screen stating whether someone else goes for the other jackpots and announces if there is a winner of the same. This screen is just under the reels, and it will give you some information about the game as well as guidelines on what you should do next.

With a pretty intense and sharp design, as well as typical jungle music, we suggest you turn the volume up and enjoy the sounds of nature while playing Mega Moolah Slot.

  • Symbols

Some of the most interesting symbols can be found in Mega Moolah Slot, and that’s one of the many things it makes the game super fun and exciting.

As we all know, the slot game developers tend to categorise the symbols into higher and lower valued ones, where the lower valued will be the symbols that keep you in the game and bring you just enough money to keep on going to the next rounds, while the higher valued symbols offer the higher and life-changing prices that we all want to lay our hands on.

  • Lower Valued Symbols

The lower valued symbols are represented by the standard, a deck of playing cards inspired symbols where we can see it starts with the number 10, and goes through the Jack, Queen, and King to reach the highest paying lower symbol, which is the Ace. If you manage to land three 10s you will experience the lowest payment in the game, which is 2 coins, while the Ace can give you 150 by landing five of the same.

You can see the details of each and every lower valued symbol on the picture below, or if you click on the Paylines while in the game.

  • Higher Valued Symbols

On the other hand, the higher valued symbols bring a whole new level to the game, and if you manage to land some juicy wins and combinations on the active paylines, they will bring a difference to your pocket as well.

We have to say that the higher valued symbols in Mega Moolah Slot create some awesome animations once they participate in a winning combination. You can see it as soon as you give this game a spin, and we ensure you will love it.

The higher valued symbols a Deer, a Zebra, a Buffalo, a Giraffe, an Elephant and a Lion. Here, the Deer is the symbol that pays the lowest and will give you 10 coins for three of it, while 250 for five of the same. Completely on the opposite site, the lion also awards for two of it on an active payline, paying out, 15 coins for it. The maximum amount that the lion pays out is 15,000 for five of the same, and you can see all the other animals in details in the image below, or if you hit Paylines once you are in the game.

To make things more interesting, there are some special symbols in Mega Moolah Slot which will make the game more interesting and will definitely enhance your gaming experience of the same.

  • Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol of the game is the same symbol of the Lion that counts as the highest-valued normal symbol in the game. It can appear on every reel and every position and can act as a substitute to all the normal symbols that Mega Moolah Slot has, participating in the wins that they produce. As we have seen, it can also pay out pretty big when standing on its own – something that is rarely seen with the wild symbols of other slot games.

  • Scatter Symbol

The Scatter Symbol, on the other hand, offers you a chance to escape from the base game and go to a new screen where the Free Spins feature of Mega Moolah Slot takes place, which we will talk about a bit later. The Scatter symbol is represented by a red-headed strangely looking creature, which can’t be left unnoticed.

How to Play Mega Moolah Slot

As one of the most popular Online Slot Machines around, Mega Moolah tends to invite people from all ranges of interest. Whether you are one of the people that are interested in spending a bit of time in the Savannas and meet the animals and their roars, enjoy this awesome Microgaming game and be entertained, or completely the opposite – you want to gain as much money as possible, gamble and let the adrenaline rush through your body, you are in the right place.

Whatever path you want to take, in this paragraph we will show you how to play Mega Moolah Slot with step-by-step instructions that you can follow:

  • About the Slot

Mega Moolah is a hot online video slot that possesses five reels and 25 paylines at your disposal. With a wonderful theme, it managed to capture the likes of the people and even though the game is more than a decade old, it still manages to outplay many of the new games that use by far better technology, more innovative bonus features and outstanding gameplay. Stick around or just hit the play button to see why.

  • Choose the Casino

Before you start to play the game, you have to choose a casino where you can play the game. Going through an affiliate site like ours can help you make this decision, as we have reviews ready for each and every casino that we partner with, with their welcome bonuses and player ratings, as well as advantages and disadvantages of the same. Check them out on the right-hand side of this review, or even read the full review before going into the game.

The casino plays a major role of your outcome in the game, as there are welcome bonuses in forms of free spins or a certain amount of ash to play with which will most certainly facilitate your way to the best prizes of Mega Moolah.

The casino also enhances your gaming experience, offering an incredible gaming experience, user interface and navigation to the slot, the speed of the slot as well as countless other benefits like the speed of payment and country registration. Make sure that you at least read the most necessary things before choosing.

  • Set the Coin Size

Once you’ve made your decision and made your very first deposit with the game, it’s time to set the Coin Size and move one step forward.

You can set the coin size at the bottom of the screen, just below the reels, and it will influence all the coins that you play further in the game and their value. It can be set by clicking on the + / – buttons in the left bottom corner.

The Coin Size in Mega Moolah Slot can be set from 0.01 up to 0.05, and you can go from one to five Coins Per Line. Clicking on the “Select Coins” will allow you to alter the coins.

  • Denomination

Another important thing to set before playing is the denomination. The denomination is the value of your spin and what you are investing or wagering with each of the spins you make in a slot game.

You can set the denomination with a range from £0.25 all the way up to £125.00 per spin.

The domination is selected for one active payline, so if you have all the 25 paylines active, your spin will be your denomination x 25. The game usually calculates this for you, so don’t worry.

  • Jackpot

Every game has a jackpot, or a maximum prize that it can pay to the players, and all the players are eager to find this out, as it’s the most important motivation for every slot lover.

Although Mega Moolah Slot has Progressive Jackpots (which we will talk about below) and that is the maximum amount that you can win, there is still a game-based jackpot that has nothing to do with the Progressive Jackpots that counts as the largest win or the Jackpot of the game.

The maximum Jackpot of the game is x10,000 your stake, meaning you are up for fantastic and life-changing rewards if you decide to play with a higher wager.

  • Big Win Example

Mega Moolah has proved to be one of the most rewarding slot games in the history of online slots, holding even two positions in the top five progressive jackpot payouts.

On this link, you will find an example of a huge, 1.5 Million Jackpot Win in Mega Moolah Slot, and all you need to do is follow the steps from above, and you are one step away from becoming the next big winner.

Mega Moolah Bonus Features

Mega Moolah is a pretty interesting game because of everything that we already mentioned, and because of the Bonus Feature that it has. According to a survey, the slot players’ favourite bonus feature is the Free Spins bonus feature, and this is exactly what Mega Moolah Slot has in its arsenal of surprises.

  • Free Spins

There is something extraordinary when the word Free comes to peoples’ minds. It evokes some feelings that you simply want to lay your hands on whatever is free, so landing your hands on Mega Moolah Free Spins feature will most definitely enhance your gameplay, facilitate your initial interest in the whopping rewards and prizes of the game, and make your day a lot brighter.

To get there, you need to land three or more of the Scatter Symbol anywhere on the reels, and for that, you will get 15 Free Spins.

The fun doesn’t stop here, as Microgaming knows that placing one bonus feature in a game won’t bring it to the top three positions in online slots, so some further actions were required.

During this feature, anything you win will be tripled and added immediately to your stake. How does that sound?

Here is a YouTube example of the Free Spins round supported by a 1 Million win. Note that the video is not our property.

  • Wild Lion

Wild Lion is the simplest bonus feature that you can find around. The name of the bonus feature comes from the Wild symbol which is represented by the lion, and it basically means that everything that you win in the base game where the Wild Lion participates and replaces a normal symbol will be doubled. Try that on for size!

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot

If any of you guys think that what was said so far can’t make you play the game, the guys from Microgaming have another ace in their sleeve, but this ace is the ace of spades!

Mega Moolah Slot comes with a Progressive Jackpot as the best weapon in their arsenal of surprises.

The nature of the jackpot is triggered randomly, and it’s without any previously determined combination.

There are four different Progressive Jackpots in the game – Mini, Minor, Major and Mega Jackpots. The first three jackpots come randomly while to win the Mega Jackpot you would be taken to a new screen where a wheel of fortune will await you. Once you are there, you are just one step away from landing the Biggest prize in the game. The Progressive Jackpot holds two out of the eight positions on the wheel, meaning you have a 25% chance of leaving with the Jackpot prize once you are on the wheel.

Keep in mind that the higher denomination and stake you play with, the higher your chances of landing the Progressive Jackpots are.

Here is a video of the Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot and how it works!

Mega Moolah Slot Tips

As always, we are here to facilitate your gameplay and show you the way and the best possible combinations that you can make, as well as some pro tips for better gambling.

  • Paylines Tips

You probably already know that you can adjust the number of the paylines you play with, and in Mega Moolah slot, you can play from one up to the maximum of 25 paylines. The number of active paylines multiplier by your Bet per Line and that’s the wager you are playing with, meaning the fewer paylines you play with, the lower your stake is, the fewer money you need to invest to spin the reels. Isn’t that awesome?

No! You should always aim to play with the highest number of paylines, simply because of one thing. The winning combinations of the slot games are equally divided among all the paylines, and if you think playing with one or few paylines will profit you more, you are wrong. Although the symbols land on the reels randomly, it’s still a machine programmed by somebody, and that somebody set the symbols to be distributed among all the paylines.

This way you will invest more money and you need to pay more for all the paylines to be active, but at the end of the day, your wins will be greater as you will be able to profit from all the winning combinations across all the paylines.

  • Bet Max Tips

The Bet Max is one of the most used features in Mega Moolah slot, and in any other slot that it is present at for that matter. This is one of the best features which can help you automatically set the denomination, coin value, and level of the game all the way to the maximum. What this feature will further do, is that it will also activate all of the paylines, something that we already suggested you do when playing a slot game.

There is one problem with this feature, and this problem gets greater with the maximum wager amount of a certain game. In Mega Moolah, the maximum amount is £125.00 meaning that’s how much one spin will be worth for you.

£125.00 might be a bit too much for some people to bet within a single spin and may be just enough for others. If you really want to play under the influence of this feature, come up with a plan or a limit to your cash, and things will be better, and you will feel safer.

We suggest you have money at least for 10 spins before pursuing this option, but obviously, the more cash you have, the better you will be.

  • Auto Play Tips

Auto Play is another feature that almost every online slot machine in the market offers. If you are tired of pressing the Spin button after each spin and paying attention to the game constantly exhausts you, the Auto Play feature is your favourite one.

What this feature will do is that it will spin the reels of the game automatically, with you only having to set the denomination and the number of auto spins.

This is perfect for if you want to pay attention to something else, go AFK, or simply watch what is happening in the slot and admiring the animations of the symbols while the game spins the reels for you, bringing you awesome cash.

Usually, you can set a certain number of auto spins, like 15, 30, 50, 75 and 100, and unfortunately, no game offers an unlimited number of spins or spins until you have money available in your stake (at least not for now).

The best thing about this feature is that you can cancel it at any given moment if you feel like you had more luck in the manual run.

  • Bonus Features Tips

The bonus features are something that we all look forward to, and it’s something that we enjoy playing. Ever since the separate screen bonus features were implemented in the slot games, we realized that that’s the way to earn some extra cash apart from the main feature.

The bonus feature is something you should never rush into, despite the fact that the feature is made out of free spins. Take a good look at them, how you can win the most out of it, and always enjoy while playing them.

  • Progressive Jackpot Tips

You are already familiar that Mega Moolah possesses a Progressive Jackpot in its arsenal of awesomeness. Like almost every slot game out there, to be able even to peak at the Progressive Jackpot, you need to play with the highest denomination possible.

For Mega Moolah Slot, the first three jackpots can be won by playing with any denomination, and depending on the denomination, your win will be determined. In other words, the higher wager you play with, the higher your jackpot will be.

If you want to play for the Mega Progressive Jackpot, which is the highest Jackpot, you have to play with the highest denomination with all the paylines active and the highest coin size, or with the Bet Max feature if you want to have it set with one click straight away.

Some people think that they can use the trick of playing one payline on the highest denomination thinking that they are spinning for the Mega Progressive Jackpot, but that won’t work unless everything is at the maximum level, including the paylines and the coin value and level.

Mega Moolah Mobile

Since we rapidly progressing through the age of mobile telephones and more than 50% of the population is using mobile more than the standard PC or laptops, as well as tablets to access almost anything online, the slot games have to be responsive for a mobile device as well.

Lucky for Mega Moolah and all the fans of the game, you can play it from your mobile device, as well as from PC and Tablet.

Let’s note that regardless of the fact whether you have iOS, Android, Blueberry or Microsoft, the game supports every operating system for the mobile device.

Mega Moolah RTP

For all the slot lovers out there, the term RTP is pretty famous and of big importance. For the ones that come across this term for the 1st time, it’s an abbreviation from Return to Player, and it basically means the money that the online slot machine returns to the players of Mega Moolah over a longer period of time. This number of RTP is always represented in percentage. Check out our Detailed RTP Guide for more info.

The RTP of Mega Moolah is 97.00%

This means that the game only holds 3% of all the money that the players are putting in the machine, and returns 97% to them, but as we said, over a longer period of time. This longer period of time is previously determined by the company, and it can be counted in free spins (from 10,000 up to 100,000) or a period of time (from 8 months up to 1 year or so on).

The company is obliged to state the RTP number as soon as they are releasing the 1st information about the game and because of the rules and regulations of the gambling commissions, this number always has to be correct.

Play Mega Moolah Slot

Let’s do a quick recap on the slot game with the most basic and fundamental information

Once you enter on the screen, you will notice a game that revolves around the African Savannas and all the animals that are there. The perfect animation and design make the game seem like it’s made this or last year, although it dates back to 2006, that’s what makes it awesome.

With 5 reels and 25 paylines, you have a chance of winning some of the most amazing prizes, and you need to set the denomination which ranges from £0.25 all the way up to £125.00 to be able to play the game.

The RTP stands an amazing 97.00%, may above the average of 94.00% of the online slot machines.

There is one bonus feature in the form of Free Spins that will most definitely pave your way to the most lucrative wins with the x3 multiplier, while the Wild participating in any winning combination results in an x2 multiplier.

The game can be played on any platform (mobile, laptop, tablet) regardless of the operative system.

About Microgaming

The brain behind the Mega Moolah are Microgaming, it is pretty extraordinary, even a bit unbelievable, that a slot game made with all the circumstances and technology they had in 2006, will cope so well with all the modern slot games and everything they can offer nowadays.

Microgaming emerged on the market in 1994 with their very first casino and a herald to what’s about to come – and they managed to reach the top positions of gaming providers in a pretty competitive world of provisions and casino software.

After the 1st casino, in 1998 comes the Cash Splash Slot, their first slot game, and it turned out to be a great success, motivating and pushing a dozen of online slot games in the same year.

2004 was one of the best years for Microgaming since they managed to grab eCOGRA accreditation, propelling Microgaming to the Headlines of the world news.

Nowadays, Microgaming is still one of the best Game Providers and always shocks and rocks the world with their awesome slots, so you can find a more detailed review on the link above, together with their games, as well as where and how to play them.

In the end, we just want to wish you best of luck playing Mega Moolah slot, as after all, slot games are based on luck regardless of your optimization and all the tips and trick you are using, which will certainly tilt the luck in your favour. Leave us a comment if you have any big win so we can share the joy!


Select a Casino, make sure you deposit so that you will be eligible for the welcome bonus, and you are all set to go on the Hot adventures!

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