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Microgaming Review

Let’s take a step back to the stone age of online gambling, and the very First people that “invented the fire” and established an online place where you can bet. They were wearing the colours of Microgaming, creating the very First online casino back in 1994!

Ever since their First casino was launched, the unstoppable force Microgaming managed to rise up to over 120 casinos and 40+ poker games that are currently utilizing Microgaming software! They are still one of the largest and most spread Online Casino Gaming Software Providers after more than 2 decades!

The best thing and a proof of their achievement is the number of online slot games, who managed to reach an astonishing number of 850+ Online Slot Machines!

Early Years

We are familiar with the year that Microgaming appeared on the online slots market, but there are difficult times finding out who the actual owner and creator of Microgaming was. Without certainty, there is one name that’s always associated with this role, and it’s Martin Moshal. After all, Martin’s name comes up whenever someone tries to talk about Microgaming, so he has to be involved somehow.

The company decided to act while being private, so there is not a lot of information about who their owners and starters are, or what are their ambitions.

First Online Casino

Microgaming is proud owners of the very 1st online casino back in 1994 and they opened the gates to something extraordinary. They created some of the very 1st online slot games at the time when almost no one had an internet connection and were receiving invitations for games at the local casinos via Mail. Regardless of this fact, they predicted that the internet would be a big thing and they kept on doing what they did best, and they did it at a really fast pace.

Soon after, the 1st casino was born and everyone, including the players, was jealous and excited of the games that Microgaming could offer. This made some of the bigger Game Producers to step up their game and try to reach them, and the players to shift from the random games they were playing to Microgaming online slots.

Cash Splash Slot

Just another slot game you would say, in the plethora of online slot machines developed by Microgaming right? It has three reels and one payline, it looks like one of the slot machines that used to roam the world a few decades before the new millennium, and it had sevens, bars, and cherries.

Well, there is something extraordinary about this slot, and it will forever turn the way we look at the online slot machines.

Cash Splash is the First game that offered a Progressive Jackpot to the players spinning the reels of the game. A little portion of every spin made on the slot, from every player, in any time given was taken to a special pot, pooled and made the so-called Progressive Jackpot larger and larger.

This jackpot would only be triggered by a certain winning combination that landed on the reel, and when someone won the Progressive Jackpot, the amount would reset to a certain point.

This move by Microgaming fascinated the whole online gambling industry who soon followed these steps, but this Innovation secured Microgaming some of the best and most valuable players that helped the company grow even bigger.

Microgaming Games

Sometimes, the number speak a lot more than the words but let’s give Shakespeare a chance before we start bombarding with digits.

Microgaming had a lot of time to figure out what the people would like and what they would go after, had a lot of time to optimize their games so that they look better, act awesome, have amazing sound effects and keep the people on the reels. With more than two decades of time to think about what they are doing right or wrong, the Millions of people constantly playing their games is not by a chance.

With over 850 Casino Games, out if which there are above 1200 versions, 40+ well-known Progressive Jackpot Games, 40+ Multiplayer Games, and last but not least, the ever-rising number of mobile games which currently is 350+ and seems like it will hit the 1k target faster than ever.

  • Microgaming Slots

The slot games are some of the most versatile and vastly spread games that come out of the Microgaming oven. They are the reason this company became so popular, and the reason behind this is that they are pretty awesome and safe to play. They will enhance your gaming experience and will bring you the best cash in the online slots gambling industry.

There are some exceptions which offer a lower rate of RTP, as every single game producing company out there, but if you focus on their best games, you can go a long way.

Here are some of the best games that Microgaming worked hard to create, together with the links to our review of them:

Immortal Romance Slot

Immortal Romance ScreenshotJurassic Park

Jurassuc Park Slot

Thunderstruck II

Thunderkick 2


Avalon Slot

  • Microgaming Table Games

When you have a head start in some niche, you tend to be the 1st one to reach for other areas related to what you’ve started. Microgaming is also connected to one of the first table games that were found in their casinos, and people loved them!

Their table games might seem a bit simple and unelaborate compared to their slot games and the graphics they offer, but you would be wrong if you decide to try someone else.

Their vastness of table games is beyond imaginable, although they might seem a bit dull at first sight. They can offer a plethora of Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Carps, Caribbean Stud, Sic Bo and much more, found all across the internet.

Their blackjack online games also include Classic Single Deck Blackjack, European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack and more. If Roulette is your thing, you will find 3 different variations at Microgaming Casinos, which include European Roulette, French Roulette as well as its American cousin.

  • Live Games

One of the latest sensations into online casino gambling, the Live Games, have taken a giant leap towards becoming the most played casino games. Microgaming is well aware of this, and they have taken some steps as well.

Microgaming is offering some of the best Live Casino Games that can be found on the internet, which include Live Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Hold’em & Sic Bo.

  • Other Games

If you are here for some quick games, games that will test your luck or quickly lose you some time, even give you some shiny, easy cash, Microgaming is offering them as well. You can find dozens of Bingo, Keno, Scratch Cards and Quick Games in their arsenal of never-ending online casino games.

Microgaming Platform

  • Quickfire

The biggest advantage of Microgaming is that they offer standalone solutions to their games through the Quickfire Platform. This means the best games are given for the best possible rates. For the players this is a good sign, meaning they will have a lot more variety and options to choose from, which can be played with one click of the mouse on any web operator. They are available in many languages and currencies, depending on the website that you choose to play at. It can also go as far as personalizing the UI and making the game more like it suits you.

  • Download

Their desktop platform is the biggest one, offering the Ultimate Microgaming Package and the ultimate casino experience. With more than 45 languages at your disposal, the option to play more than one game and enhance your gaming experience as well as chances to win (Auto Play more or jumping through games).

There are many more options if you decide to download a game before playing it, like Account Management options offered by their lobby, where you can fund the account with Casino Credits, update the account details, and easier money withdrawal.

  • Web-Based / Instant Play

The Web-Based or Instant Play games are offered online, playing with the HTML 5 Supports, and available on PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile devices, available in the Flash Version. There is no need to download these games, and all you need to do is plug and play (insert the credit card and play the game)

Similar to the previous platform, there are some advantages if you decide to play through this platform, again with the Casino Points. You can also access the Premium Games easily.

  • Mobile

The Mobile Gaming from Microgaming comes in two versions: Online and Download. The mobile version offers a lot of the famous and favourite titles, and their apps are available to download on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile Operators.

They are available in several native languages, which is something that Microgaming is working on improving, which will give them a lot more players on their games.

  • Multiplayer

Well, it wouldn’t be a complete domination if Microgaming decided to let some other software providers steal the glory from them in this field. They are the 1st ones to create a multiplayer functionality on their games, bringing the players together, making them more interactive and happy, of course.

Once you enter the multiplayer game rooms, you can chat with the players in the same room, interact, create your profile, personalize things the way you like, and use some of the benefits that are available only in these game rooms.

But why stop there? There are Tournaments which can be played on all the platforms where you compete with various of currencies like Buy-In, purchased cash or coins specific for the tournament.

There are also free tournaments, for the people that love competing.

Casinomeister Awards

  • Best Software Supplier Award 2010
  • Best Software Provider 2006
  • Best Software Provider 2005


Other than English, Microgaming’s casino games can be found in many different languages. These include approximately 45 different languages, among which the most famous are Swedish, Italian, Spanish, German, French and more.


Give Microgaming slots a try by choosing one of the slots from below. select a Casino and deposit to claim the welcome bonus, and you are on your way to the most lucrative wins you can imagine.

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