Return to Player Slots

Highest RTP Online Slots

RTP is a term used very often in the online gambling world, especially in the slot games, and represents the percentage of money that the games are returning to the players. RTP can sometimes be found as a Payout Percentage, but in any case, it has to be stated in the game, and visible for all the players. Choose the games wisely, and make sure you look at the percentage of the RTP before investing your money in a game.

What is an RTP?

RTP is an abbreviation used mostly in the slots games, whether it’s an online or land-based version of the same. The RTP has to be presented and the players have the right to know what the RTP of the game is.

An RTP is the percentage of the money that is being put inside the machine that actually gets back to the players, so if the RTP is 95%, the game keeps 5% for the cost, company, and all the expenses it has.

This is being calculated over a longer period of time, and while some companies count it in a number of spins (10,000 or even 100.000), other companies do it in a certain period of time, like a year. The distribution is not equal, that’s why we have some losers and some winners while playing the slot games.

There are many games at your disposal nowadays, or more than 10k to be exact, which might be a bit tricky to find the ones you want to play. Many people follow certain company producers or play the slots regarding their favourite theme, like some TV novels, band slots, mythology or whatever you want to see while playing, but choosing according to the RTP percentage could earn you few more bucks than the other selections.

Best RTP Games Online

Now that you are familiar with the RTP, we are here to present you with the 10 games with the best RTP around.

  1. Goblin’s Cave– 99.32%

    Goblins Cave RTP

    Goblin’s Cave by Playtech is most certainly the number one RTP Game online. With a 99.32% RTP, we wonder how the company profits from this as almost everything goes back to the players.

  2. Ugga Bugga– 99.07%

    Ugga Bugga RTP

    Something Wicked this way comes! Ugga Bugga keeps only 0.93% for the house and that’s incredible. If you fancy monsters and strange creatures, you have to try this three reeled 10 paylines slot game.

  3. Ooh Aah Dracula– 99.00%

    Ooh Aah Dracula RTP

    Ooh Aah Dracula, as the name states, is a dark Dracula game with just 1% left for the game. Five reels 10 paylines are all that it takes to make a difference, and you should definitely try this slot.

  4. Mega Joker– 98.90%

    Mega Joker Slot RTP

    Just a little bit less RTP than the previous game, Mega Joker finds itself on the 4th position on our list. The game has a normal jackpot of x2,000 and a progressive jackpot on the three reels and five paylines.

  5. Alaxe in Zombieland– 98.86%

    Alaxe in Zombieland

    Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Alaxe offers the perfect bonus features, the outstanding 25 paylines over the five reels, and amazing symbols to get you kick-started for the day!


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